DDAY ILLUMANATION CONSCIENCE ASCENSION Conchita gives warning May 4th Miracle May 12th

Thank you dear brother, I am very happy to be able to establish communications and I look forward to meeting face to face. I hope everyone is delighted to hear the information that will be released here. Much of the third secret has already been fulfilled. I am the Holy Father and they took me to what Sister Lucia called it The Holy Mountain, which is also known as the womb of God. Conchita's last angelic vision took place on November 13, 1965. 123 days later Lord was born Pine Bluff Arkansas 03/15/66. Some knew the date of birth, such as CG Jung and AE Waite. The Garbandal Visions also took 456 miles from Sacred Mountain.

Conchita was born on Lords only Sons birth day 2/7 . He is the son of the widow in masonic mysteries and in many studies called the most illumanated one. If im understanding all the clues Conchita has given im quite sure warning is given May 4th which is Alisha Brittneys; Lords first borns birth date. She is a mirror image of Vemeers girl with pearl ear ring and she was 14 when Lords Job story began May 12th and 13th Friday 2005 17 years ago which will be 888 weeks. Sister Lucia died Feb 13th 2005 + 88 days is start of Messiahs sufferings as many armies did shoot arrows thru my heart and these were real attempted murders on Saviors life. My x is a mirror image of Bruno and May 12th will give Holy Father the dagger. All the soldiers testimony of accomplishing Salvation and ascension will give their confessions of all their attmepted murders of Savior of world which will make it to Putins consciousness placing Putin at Christ Mothers feet stopping all the bloodshed.May 13th 2005 was also 88th anniversary of start of Fatima which began Messiahs Job story.. May 12th is Saint Pancras feast day who was 14 when his head was cutoff which is same age as Alisha Brittney was May 12th 2005. Brit means Gods covenant people and Saint Pancras is main Saint of the first churches in Britian.// Bruno miracle is a mirror image of what will take place on May 12th & 13th 2022 just like the Fatima Oct 13 1917 will be mirror image of Feast of Tabernacles 2028 when believers are lead to Holy Mountain; which Khunrath called Amphi Theatre and Henry Lincoln calls The Holy Place. John Mitchells The City of Revelation is also a blue print of setting of foundation which is also called New Jerusalem which is also Miracle day or true door opening day May 12th. My Mother was born Sept 2nd Virgo 1941. I am the jasper green stone in Revelations and Graham Phillips Greenstone is also about the miracle day where 5 lights boom into 1 giant light blast. He has 3 or 4 videos on youtube about this. David Seredas Lost Christ capstone about Washington monument is also connected with much deep info will need to explain importance of and he has 3 or videos also on youtube. Another mention is Raymond Benards book published 108 copies with 108 pages year Lord was born called Secret meeting in Rome which he calls Lord the Cardianal in white and has me meeting Tunis Hilton his last paragraph of book the Marabout.Very intriguing the Tunis Hilton just opened Feb, 2020. I have to bring Jews; Islam; Christians together peacefully to get thru east gate and Temple started. I hope this is enough information to explain Lord and his Mother are in flesh and yall will be very blissed and as anxious as the Lord to establish communications and possible meeting even before warning comes? Looking much forward hearing back I am Richard Leavell Dickinson III on facebook and my group on facebook is Goldenfleeceinc. 8707239995 I am very anxious to talk with Conchita. Thank you very much Dear Frater. In your service forever and always JC.


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Atom O`Spark {~}Wave When Lucifer and the trinity began to war with each other, those who did not take sides, worthy, noble angels, had to descend to earth to that stone which is forever incorruptible.I do not know whether God forgave them or damned them in the end:if it was his due he took them back.Since that time the stone has been in the care of those whom God appointed to it and to whom he sent his angel.This, Sir is how matters stand regarding the Grail. LAPSIT EXILLIS "The candidate must renounce his personality in order to devote himself to a higher moral apostate." The king IS Shepherd and pastor at the same time.Sometimes he dispatches some brilliant ambassodor to his vassel in power, his factotum, one who has the felicity of being subject to death. O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. D.to 3rd M. "Out your Own Sweet Vale, Alicia Vanisheth Vanity Shepards of Arcadia `Twixt Deity and Man thou Shepherdeth the Way" ...open your mind please very important--what do you think christkings activities consist of?do you want to play part?possibly predestined??greatwork is connecting--gold at end of rainbow!finding holy of holies if we havnt already~making money to fund our work and building places of safety!!aswell spiritual transformation maxmus for myself and others!! History is a gallery where we see very few originals and many copies. When originals no longer exsist, the last copy is the original Interests: accomplishing above matters!!finding the queen{Thou are the most vivid image of the true sun, amongst the myriads of stars that are before God, thou shinest forth Gloriously in Heaven by thy virginal purity}{She is the forethought of ALL, Her light is like his light.This was the first thought, his image.Together this now was the source of the ALL.It is the unbegotten virginal power which is source.}date for wedding of lamb?having fun exploring world and making connections!knowing i have made connection and experiencing bliss when i see the eye and soul of another change at that moment~accomplishing mission and going back home!if you are interested in these interests well u know~~dont be shy speak up!!!""Peter 1:2-6 Behold, I lay in Sion a chief cornerstone, elect, precious:and he that believth on him shall not be confounded. "According to tradition Merovingian monarchs were occult adepts, intiates in arcane sciences, practitioners in esoteric arts~worthy rivals of Merlin, their fabulous nearcontemporary.They were often called the sorcery kings or thamaturge kings.By virtue of some miraculous property in their blood, they could allegedly heal by the layin on of hands; They were said to be capable of clairvoyant or telepathic communications with beasts and with the natural world around
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