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excellent to ponder these thoughts why we are here

by Christian Rozencrux on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 11:16am ·
By my Dear Friend Yaakov Ort
Explaining our traditions of who we are, and why we are here, is the purpose of this letter.

We need to begin with the Divine Motive for creating the world as we know it. The first and most important thing to be mindful of, now and always, is that the sole desire of the Divine Infinite One is to provide pleasure, contentment and bliss to every human being.

The purpose for the creation of both the Higher World (Heaven) and This World (Earth), and the reason for the descent of a Divine soul into every human body, has always been for all human beings to maximize the long-term pleasure and minimize the long-term suffering of their bodies, minds and souls while in this world, and to maximize the long-term pleasure of the body, mind and soul alike when we return to our Source in the Higher World.

We were meant to accomplish this by maximizing the pleasure, and minimizing the suffering, of humanity as a whole, of each individual whom the Divine Will places before us, and of every human being whose life we might be able to directly and indirectly influence and improve, including our own. By doing so, we fulfill the essential Will of the Divine Infinite One.

In order to accomplish this, every human being is created in the Image and Likeness of the Divine One.

Image refers to our divine capacities for Free Will and Creative Intelligence.

Likeness refers to the Will to, like the Divine, provide material and spiritual sustenance, pleasure, contentment and bliss to others and to ourselves, as an end-in-itself.

One may ask: If the Divine One only desired to provide goodness as an end in itself, why was the world not created in a state of perfection — with mankind only experiencing pleasure, contentment and bliss, and with no pain or suffering at all?

Answer is this: Of all the gifts that the Divine can provide to us, there is only one gift that truly cannot be given, even by the Divine. The impossible gift-to-give is the experience of pleasure, contentment and bliss that results when we have independently utilized our Free Will and Creative Intelligence to create something beautiful and good, and when we have done good to and for others.

A feeling of true accomplishment and the certainty that we have justly earned our pleasures and our rewards cannot be externally or artificially provided to us. It must be the earned result of our choices and our behavior.

To provide the background in which the joy of true human accomplishment can legitimately exist, the Divine Being created a world that is fundamentally good, but imperfect.

If the world were perfect, there would be nothing for us to do or accomplish. This imperfection is created by the slight but sufficient degree of randomness and chaos that is built into all of physical reality at a root level.

We are taught that in the beginning, all was Tohu (chaos) and Bohu (emptiness, unpredictability, randomness). Following the Divine creative process, a minute amount of this Tohu and Bohu remains in every element of physical reality, in order to create the opportunity for mankind to use its free will and creative intelligence to increase goodness and beauty throughout reality as a whole.

All of the pain and suffering that exists in this world is the result of these two distinct forces: The random imperfections of Nature, and the Free Will of Man. There is no supernatural force of Evil.

There are no demons, shades, malicious spirits or anything else of the sort, and there never have been. These are all fictions created by those who have sought to manipulate, rule and enslave others through the production and regulation of fear and anxiety —biochemical reactions that help to ensure survival, sex, and status.

To be sure, there are spiritual forces that exist in a multitude of dimensions, but they are entirely good, and can be called upon in our pursuit of goodness and pleasure.There are eighteen gates of pleasure and suffering within the human soul and personality that are the source of both the goodness and the harm that human beings are capable of creating.

The imperfections and random chaos in nature result in tsunamis, cancer, hurricanes, birth defects, drought, post-nasal drip, traffic accidents, spilt milk, stubbed toes, every form of physical and mental disease, and every kind of injury, deprivation and pain. When these events result in death and suffering, it is not because those who are affected deserve to experience pain, nor do these events occur as a punishment for things that its victims have or have not done. The Divine One does not work that way.

They are the random results of the necessary chaos that remains in a good but imperfect world. Or, they are the results of the actions of human beings who have freely and intentionally chosen to act out in a very harmful way. When a human being chooses to actively or passively harm others, neither the cause nor the results are a function of the Divine Will, but are solely the result of the free willed actions of human beings.

In order for there to be fairness and justice in a world of mostly innocent bystanders, the Divine One created a system of Justice that includes three elements: reward, withholding of reward, and compensation.

Reward: When a person uses his or her free will and creative intelligence to do good for himself or for others she or he is rewarded with physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual pleasure both in this world, and following the death of the three-dimensional body, is rewarded with the unimaginable pleasures of the fifty-dimensional body in the Higher World.

Withholding of Reward: When one withholds his free will and creative intelligence, or uses it to create pain and suffering for himself or others, then a corresponding amount of his earned pleasures are withheld in the Higher World.

Compensation: For the victims of either Nature or of Man — and all of us are to some degree victims — all of the pain and suffering that we and our loved ones experience during this lifetime is compensated for by the addition of pleasures in the Higher World.

These eternal, Heavenly pleasures inexpressibly exceed the suffering and the loss of opportunity to do good that we undeservedly experienced during this lifetime.

There is a point where the suffering that one can willfully cause to others is so extreme that the withholding of reward requires the complete and final extermination of a soul. The death of the soul along with its human body is the only form of Divine punishment. Such a soul, referred to in the Bible as being “cut-off” simply becomes permanently non-existent. It experiences no awareness of its loss, and does not suffer.

Throughout human history most of mankind has failed to use its creative intelligence or its free will for the benefit of itself or others. To the contrary, we had made for ourselves a world of foolishness, barbarity, cruelty, narcissism and enslavement.

This, friends, is why we are here. It is to serve as leaders, guides and mentors to the human race. There are too many souls being cut off. There are too many victims of man’s capacity to be unaware of his higher purpose.

In short, the constructive partnership between human and Divine to improve an imperfectly created world enables us to experience positive and real accomplishment, to earn reward through that accomplishment, and to be compensated for the suffering caused by the fact that Nature and Man exist in a state of relative imperfection and free choice.

From every moment to every moment we make the choice to express or to withhold our free will, creative intelligence, and pure desire to give.

We ourselves are rewarded or not-rewarded with the pleasures of this world and the inexpressible pleasures and bliss of the Higher World on the basis of our primary choices, which initiate the long-term consequences of our thoughts, speech and actions. The most important task in life is therefore to be mindful of the long-term consequences of our thoughts, speech and actions, to ensure that they are designed to produce and enhance humanity’s pleasures, as well as our own, and to reduce suffering in any way that we can.

This was and remains our special mission. This is why we, and you, are here. To inspire and instruct our fellow men and women on how best to elevate themselves and the world, materially and spiritually, and for us to freely and fully enjoy all the pleasures of this world while doing so.

Hatred does not cease by hatred at anytime: hatred ceases by LOVE~this is an old rule.
All that we are is a result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows , as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.
All we are is the result of what we have thought: it is found on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows, like a shadow that never leaves.

They who imagine truth in untruth, & see untruth in truth, never arrive at truth, but follow vain desires.
They who know truth in truth & untruth in untruth, arrive at truth, & follow truth desires.

The evil-doer mourns in this world, & in the next; mourning in both. How can one not mourn when seeing the evil results of their minds & hands at work???
The virtuous person delights in this world, & in the next, delights in both. How can one not delight & be in bliss, when looking at the purity and good results of such spoken work & actions???

The evil-doer suffers in this world & in the next; suffers in both. How can one not suffer when thinking of the evil been done??? & even more suffering by continuing evil path???
The virtuous person is happy in this world, & in the next; Happy in both. How can one not be happy when thinking of the good that was done??? & even more happiness on the good path???

Those who pass by^~~^

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frater jose wonderful words

by Christian Rozencrux on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 12:51am ·
Jose Mejia created a doc.
I think one of the main purposes of our destiny, whether we are aware of it or not, is the forging of the character. Our Ego is comparable to a gem, a diamond in the rough. A coarse crust wraps it as soon as it is pulled out and hides the splendor it contains. To become a truly appreciated and covet…ed gem, the expert hand cleans each of its faces and duly polishes it in a very hard grinder stone. Slowly, little by little, the light is reflected in its many facets, finally showing its hidden beauty, as expressed so beautifully by Max Heindel.

As an occult gem in their journey throughout the matter and through the vital grinding wheel which is the experience, in every life the Ego cleans these impure deposits and accepts the new light of intelligence. The temperament and character of Ego differs in every life we live in and over time we can then show a small part of our true spiritual nature and slowly develop a latent portion of our divine possibilities. But we have to round them out and make our temperament more stable and thus search the self-control goal through a continuous and daily sacrifice. I think appropriate to quote Goethe, who concentrates in one sentence these important truths: “From every power the world enchains, man frees himself when self-control he gains”

The process is slow but unavoidable. However there is a factor that regulates its extent, circumstances and consequences, good or bad, happy or painful i.e. the vast experience that shapes the ego called the free will. By means of our ability to decide, our freedom for right or wrong, we set up our destination, our health, our illnesses, failures or fortune. Let’s not forget that we are born innocent, but bestowed and full of trends, strengths, virtues, liabilities and weaknesses that at a given period of time and particular circumstances, we make use of and pay off to achieve certain objectives. But as mentioned above, we can change those tendencies and reinvigorate our virtues through the practice of will and perseverance. When we believe that a target is valuable and important to our lives, any personal or collective sacrifices are meaningless or bearable in the achievement of it.
In today’s society we have subverted our values and we believe that material or economic success is the epitome of happiness and the complementing of being and that is parallel to obtaining personal triumphs. Our utilitarian system has led us to firmly believe that meeting the desires and accumulating “things”, goods or possessions bring us happiness. Sadly, if that objective has been just pursued based on such pseudo values and once satisfied those physical or emotional needs, there will be nothing but emptiness and darkness of the soul. There is a trifling realism in searching for that lifestyle and experience over the centuries that confirms this assertion, since at the end these behaviors lead to an infamous fate. Closer to happiness is the long-lasting practice of truth, actual engagement with our responsibilities acquired along with our promises to others and especially our commitments and inner promises, if those are oriented towards the practice of good, non selfish happiness and the expansion of the consciousness….

Preferred zone of feeling is the practice of true love, in the human and common sense, is particular case, the love of the couple and their brood. We think we know by nature all about love and do not understand that love is an art that as such, it must be learned, practiced and improved as the summit of our lives. We confuse love of couples having sex with love and we believe that the former one crops up from eroticism while the opposite is exactly the truth. But the ease of modern life and the blatant use of lustfulness as a fundamental element of mass consumption and the satisfaction of desires, for the sole purpose of gratifying the self and its multiple effects in the sake of the market, have managed to amaze, convince and obliterate mankind.

On the other hand, to come to sublimate love and try to understand its enormous, transcendent meaning and its universal value, it demands an internal process, a self-knowledge and an ongoing purification of consciousness. Erich Fromm tells us that knowledge of man is parallel to the problem of knowing God. And the best path is through love, which essentially involves and leans on care, responsibility, respect and knowledge, elements mutually interdependent that form part of the mature individual who has given up his narcissistic and omniscient dreams and feigned omnipotence and “has acquired meekness based upon that inner strength that only a genuine productive activity can provide”. Since a fondness of a couple should always be based upon these principles, whoever wants to exalt love should practice them all the time and much better if such achievement is linked to economic prosperity. However it should rest on righteousness and on an uncompromising commitment to walk together with honesty and love in the pursuit of the Truth. Truth shall set us free, said the divine Master.

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spoke person priory sion interviewby twyman end of world//

by Christian Rozencrux on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 3:05pm ·
When people ask what I think about the Priory of Sion and the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, I often tell them this: Throughout the ten years and more that I spent in serious study of this enigmatic body of legends, I discovered a treasure trove of wisdom. I learned so many interesting things about Hermeticism, alchemy, ritual magic, cabalism, religious traditions, history, archeology, mythology, anthropology, philosophy, astronomy, and physics that I never would have looked into otherwise.
Because of this research, I learned to read myth intuitively, and to see the archetypes of the collective unconscious in everything. I gained a faculty of vision that allows me to penetrate a mystery to its core almost instantly at times, and to navigate the seemingly impenetrable depths within using the Compass of the Wise as my guide.

Insignia of the Priory of Sion
I have often thought that perhaps the public persona of the Priory of Sion exists purely for this purpose. It acts as the Psychopompus, the Hermetic initiator, the March hare that suckers the initiate down the rabbit hole and into the labyrinth, which, if navigated properly, may bring the seeker to the Castle of Light.
Nicolas Haywood, the controversial public spokesman for the modern-day Priory of Sion (made famous by the 1980s’ Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and more recently revived by The Da Vinci Code), would object to this characterization. The Priory is much more than a red herring meant to trick people looking for buried treasure and ancient mysteries into seeking enlightenment. Nor is it just a bunch of pissed-off ex-Catholics who have a bone to pick with the Church.
Haywood admits that the Priory’s public pronouncements in the last several decades, laden as they are with allusions to mysterious artifacts, historic locations, secret societies and sacred royal bloodlines, do in fact have initiatory properties if contemplated properly by the seeker. In this case what may seem like a red herring may turn out, upon closer inspection, to be the very Salmon of Wisdom of the philosophers.
Furthermore, we learn when we reach the end of our initiation that it is we who are being fished. As I wrote recently in my essay “Regnum in Potentia (Part 2)”:
There is a reason why Parzival is led to the Grail castle by a man in a fishing boat who turns out to be the king. That’s because it was really Parzival he was fishing for. … Jesus told his apostles, speaking of their training as miracle-workers and evangels, that he would teach them to be ‘fishers of men.’ … the idea of ‘fishing for men’ alludes to the concept of setting a trap, baiting someone and luring them in … When the Fisher King is sitting out on his boat, waiting for someone like Parzival to come by so that he
can encourage him to go to the Grail castle, he is playing the role of the Psychopompus. This is a label applied to Hermes the trickster god, who is both the initiator for adepts of alchemy, so too is he the guide of souls traveling to the Otherworld.
In this light it is interesting to note that one of the meanings of the word “nick” is “to catch, take unawares, arrest,” and also “to steal.” Hermes was a thief. In the alchemical art film The Holy Mountain from 1973, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Alchemist introduces his final specially-selected student to the other initiates in his class thusly:
The fish thinks about its hunger, not about the fisherman. It is the master who seeks the disciple. You want to know the Secret. But man can achieve nothing by himself. To accomplish the Alchemical Work, you will have these companions. They are thieves like you, but on another level, they are the most powerful people on the planet: industrialists, and politicians.

Nicolas Haywood says that the Priory is indeed the real bodyguard of real buried treasures and ancient mysteries. I was right, he says, to speculate in my book The Merovingian Mythos that there is an ancient underground temple hidden beneath the ground at Rennes-le-Chateau. He says I was correct when I asserted that the area which the village is situated in was at one point thought of as the “center of the world” by the locals, because it was believed that an “Ark” containing remnants of a human civilization had been preserved there after a global deluge. Moreover, he agreed with my theory that there is a lunar calendar hidden in the numeric structure of the organization’s hierarchy, which I wrote about in The Merovingian Mythos, and in my ebook The Cutting of the Orm. (Haywood, in fact, kindly gave his personal endorsement of several of my works and said that some of my books are already archived in the Priory of Sion’s own official library in France.)
Haywood said that the Priory of Sion is and always has been the greatest thorn in the side of the Catholic Church, as the representative of the Desposyni — the group of royal families that comprise the living descendants of Jesus Christ. But more ominously, he says that the Priory believes that the end of the world as we know it is imminent. He seems to think that they have inside knowledge about how it will go down, who will survive, and why. But apparently the hidden masters for whom he speaks will not permit him to go into too much detail about this.
However, he asserts that the legends are true, made popular in recent newspaper headlines, that nearby Mt. Bugarach is the gateway to an underground realm that will be safe from the coming catastrophe. Haywood has expressed interest in the cryptic apocalyptic messages of the Cross of Hendaye, discussed in the final chapter of the alchemist Fulcanelli’s book The Mystery of the Cathedrals. This artifact is noteworthy because it contains the following warning, in code:
Il est ecrit que la vie se refugie en un seul espace. (It is written that life takes refuge in a single space.)
Fulcanelli decoded it thusly:
… a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm. As for the geographical location of this promised land, from which the elite will take part in the return of the golden age, it is up to us to find it.

Strange symbols from the Cross of Hendaye
Most people who believe in such things fear that the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 is the date on which a catastrophe will come about on Earth that will bring an end to our civilization. Haywood has said on a recent interview with Rene Barnett on NightVision Radio that he thinks we may have a few years more than that to go, but not much.
Since this information would clearly be of interest to all humanity, I attempted once again to penetrate the mysteries of the Priory of Sion, as Mr. Haywood so graciously granted me an interview. It was conducted shortly after his return from attending the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) as a General Guest. Here are the results.
TRT: Is there more than one Priory of Sion?
NH: No. There is only ONE TRUE Prieure de Sion or Priory of Sion. There are, however, several satellite organisations that support many of Sion’s aims and goals. This has, not surprisingly, expanded in more recent years, but until the early 1990s societies such as the GLA and the AASR (aka: ‘The Rite of Memphis’ as promulgated by Paul Urbane Fleury), were amongst the main supporters and co-operatives, fiscally and otherwise alongside certain families who were/are – by dint of marital alliance – direct descendants of one of the categories listed by the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy as far back as ad. 326-7 as constituting a very real and alarming potential threat to the institution’s expansion and monopoly on several truths relating directly to the veracity of the entire Christian mythos. In other words; families whose members would have, (and still do), constitute what – in modern parlance — ‘a hit list.’ Which marked the Roman Catholic Church’s sojourn into Regicide and, ultimately, Deicide. The FOUR SEPARATE Papal Decrees will, according to TWO Cardinals, currently still located within The Vatican, NEVER be voluntarily rescinded.
Since about 1993 a number of pre-existing esoteric and political societies have identified some common ground with Sion and have become associated, but by no means to the same extent as their precedents, (e.g: GLA, Les Loges Ecossais and Le Loge d’Or de Trismegistus No. ‘0’ based in Lucerne, Switzerland, etc.).Besides the latter section above one must also consider the fleeting alliances that the Order has made, over the many past centuries, with seemingly unlikely candidates — groups — with a view to hastening certain specific shifts in Collective Consciousness OR as a means to furthering its current Circuit . Such seemingly-unholy alliances (as has often been the case) are seldom written or logged, with the fixed exception of the signed compacts; copies of which are held by each party only.
TRT: Is the Priory that you represent the same as one that Gino Sandri represents? Is it the same one that Pierre Plantard represented?
NH: Yes. The Priory of Sion for which Gino ‘Sandri’ acts as General Secretary and the Priory of Sion that invited me to act as its spokesman are ONE AND THE SAME. However, you must bear in mind the fact that members are bound by certain oaths, statutes and warrants which are notoriously prone to sudden and seemingly-inexplicable change due to an ancient clause within the statutes; patently designed as a direct result of the execution of the alleged Papal Decree and the Royal Warrants of Arrest under Philippe IV vis-à-vis self-contradictory statements, denial of previous assertions in relation to the, or an, individual’s standing within the order. This latter example may include a sudden denial of ever having been connected with the order completely. Such contingencies exist within the Official Statutes under Statute No. 0, the contents of which have NEVER been made public, but the Statute’s existence has occasionally been hinted at.
TRT: What role does the Priory play pertaining to Rennes-le-Chateau? Are you guardians of a secret there?
NH: Yes. Sion is the guardian of a secret at Rennes-Le-Chateau which has been deemed a State
Secret since approx. 1153.CE. In fact, what commenced as one primary secret became an entire host of secrets ranging from the historically esoteric/ occult to globally contemporary/metaphysical.
TRT: Is there some larger purpose besides this which constitutes the purpose of the Priory of Sion?
NH: Again — Yes. I was at one time told to state quite emphatically that Sion’s true raison d’etre was one of ‘World peace….’ This is NOT entirely true, although the culmination of many of its major goals would ultimately result in the resolution of differences between major spiritual belief-structures and, in significant number, the merging or identification of mutually-fundamental divisions throughout both East and West thereby removing all pseudo-legitimate reasons for warring and discord based upon religious differences alone.
One major purpose, apart from the continued protection of individuals who, by dint of birth, find themselves members of families allied directly or otherwise to the original Desposyni (including those families descendant from the original and TRUE Apostles; those who were known to be married and sired offspring), is the protection of sacred objects (wrongly termed Relics), and a precise location in the environs of The Rennes. There are other matters of which I have NOT YET received permission to speak, but when and if I do I shall provide further information.
TRT: For what reason does the Priory use spokesmen like yourself to dangle clues in front of the public, inviting them to solve a mystery for which the question has not been clearly defined, and for which it is by no means clear that there is an answer to be had at the end of it? Is this an intergenerational performance art project, and if so, does it constitute a magick ritual of some sort as well?
NH: We thought this one of the most interesting of your questions, especially as Tony Robinson had made a similar assertion in a documentary. However, M.Robinson failed to inform his audience that he was a ‘Born Again Christian’ as if it would have little or no bearing on his conclusions, etc. Also, my old friend Brian Sewell — the Art Critic-turned-Historian — was also asked by the Directors to disclaim any esoteric meanings in Leonardo’s works. Furthermore, one so-called expert; a man from Oxford, constantly referred to The Magdalene as ‘The Maudlyn’ — a term deliberately put in place by the founder of Magdalene College; Lord Audley, 1552, as a means of distinguishing his institution from another of identical name. However, early Biblical works do not spell her name with the final letter ‘e’ and it is claimed — by the college Vice-Chancellor – that the letter ‘e’ was added by the early postal service some time during the 19th century.

Firstly. Many of the questions one finds ones self being posed by such ‘teases’ are actually self-revealing, hermetic, if one looks at the given material, statements and steers or ‘clues,’ many of which appear — at first glance — to be disparate, and as one looks carefully into the background pertaining to such material and/or claims, etc. one is actually involving one’s self in a deep-but-unconscious meditational exercise. One is completely focused. Added to this fact is that when historical ‘clues’ or reports of little-known fact are disseminated by persons such as I the tenacious individual will follow the testimony and historical thread, tracing it to its very point of origin. It is precisely just such exercises as this which yield sudden and totally unexpected connections to more well-known reports of early historical events. After all, the term ‘Sion’ can be taken quite literally to mean the point of origin. It is, in part, one reason for describing the order as constituting — in part — a form of alchemy. After all, The Lapis Philosophorum, apart from being a real and solid object or substance, constitutes the hub or central axis through which or to which all contemplations pass. The centre of all that is, has been and ever will or can be. Thus it confers upon the Successful a Coign of Vantage; from which ALL that exists can be seen at a single glance of the mind’s eye!
In essence, Sion concerns itself with specific primordial events, with falsely-taught history, with the evolution of Mankind and, along the way it has unwittingly drawn-in to becoming the guardians of several specific relics crucial to the true components of western civilisation. However, because the
world is now a far more mercurial place such guardianship has become equally as important to the eastern and middle-eastern notion of history. For the ‘Inner-Sanctum’ of Sion there exists no such thing as ‘the Dark Ages.’
Secondly. As to Sion being a contemporary or Intergenerational Performance Art exercise. Were this so it would still not be without purpose, and the very idea imbues such statements as ‘All the world is a stage…..& etc.’ with a wholly unexpected and new meaning. However, whilst certain unconnected, uninitiated individuals and groups, have — since the mid-1980s — attempted to forge alliances with Sion and, whilst doing so, have heaped additional material into the order’s crucible thereby contributing to the ‘shifting shadow’ that IS The Priory of Sion and causing false raisons d’etre, such interferences have tended to work in the order’s favour, especially as the zenith of this period successfully occluded internal changes, (and a few upheavals), occurring at the same time.
Be that as it may, the answer to the notion of Sion being an intergenerational Performance Art exercise is a resounding ‘NO,’ but its certain older, accepted, satellite societies have — at times — made it more akin to an Intergenerational Protestation exercise aimed at The Catholic Church, and I take it that by ‘Intergenerational’ you are referring directly to generations of specific families and their supporters, etc.
TRT: Is the ranking system the same as the one that was published in The Messianic Legacy and attributed to Jean Cocteau? How many members are there today? What is the application process?
NH: No, the Order’s internal structure has altered slightly since that cited in all written works to-date, and there is NO application process. One is approached, but only when an hereditary would-be member chooses to pass their rightful place within the order. Once an heir to a rank within Sion has refused their rightful inheritance they CANNOT expect to be inducted into the order at a later date — ever. This being the case, The Order of Sion looks elsewhere for a suitable candidate or candidates; something which occurred within the last thirteen — fourteen years ago in respect of an ostensibly English member’s eldest male heir.
TRT: In the past I have hypothesized that there is a lunar calendar hidden within the ranking system of the Priory. Do you think that I am correct?
NH: Most certainly there is! Excluding the GM, (‘Nauttonier’), there are three Seneschal. I CANNOT, at this time, convey the entire structure as it stands today except to suggest that it still retains the vestiges of a pyramidal structure. However, the main core of the order comprises the three upper echelon, (see above), and five others. Added to this are precisely twenty other associates mostly by dint of birthright. This gives a total of twenty-eight, (excepting our GM), but only thirteen of the order’s members hold the right to vote new members ‘in’ or to veto said proposals AND to make changes to the General Statutes.
TRT: Is the Priory planning any sort of political maneuvers in the future? Are your colleagues working to manipulate world events behind the scenes in any way?
NH: Yes.
TRT: In recent interviews you have talked about the Cross of Hendaye and its apocalyptic message. You seem to think we’re facing a massive catastrophe soon. Is this a belief that the Priory of Sion officially adheres to?
NH: Yes
TRT: Are there indeed massive underground structures beneath Rennes-le-Chateau, as I suggested in my book The Merovingian Mythos? In the past I have written about how some of the place-names and folk legends, as well as clues left by the Priory, seem to indicate that RLC is the metaphorical “center of the Earth” and the mountain of safety upon which Noah landed his ark (or Deucalion and Pyrra). I have suggested that Mount Cardou might be connected to the “Mount Kardo” mentioned in the “Book of the Cave of Treasures.” What do you think?
NH: Yes.
TRT: Are these underground structures accessible to everyone, or only certain people? Are there only certain conditions in which the entrances can be seen?
NH: The entrances can only be seen from certain points on the North side of the Sals Valley and from Arques. There is also a clean view or line of vision from one window in the Chateau at Serres and from the position of the tombeau at Pontils. The entire circle of entrances is clearly visible during the Winter months from Mont Bugarach.
Such means of access are only accessible at certain times of the year. (In early January until late March only ONE entrance has ever been totally safe to use.)
TRT: What relationship is there, if any, between these structures and the tomb discovered by Ben Hammott in the film Bloodline?
NH: A tenacious one.
Another interview with Renee Barnett march 23 2011 can be heard:

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do u find it hard to say i luv u>>

by Christian Rozencrux on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 1:24am ·
Why do people feel uncomfortable to say I LOVE YOU or to be told I LOVE YOU ?

Most people feel so uncomfortable to be told by a friend I LOVE YOU. They can right away be afraid that the person is falling in LOVE with him/her. This situation also involves maybe sexuality and a commitment. So the moment someone says I LOVE YOU, you don’t accept it and feel BAD. Or others have been hurt by the lost of a LOVED one, through death or a relationship. So for these people LOVE = PAIN. They would also feel Bad and uncomfortable by someone telling them I LOVE YOU. Another possibility is the person doesn’t LOVE him/herself for whatever reason coming from a past experience and therefore those words trigger an automatism ”I’m not allowed to be LOVED” which makes them feel BAD.

We all know that to be happy in life we NEED to LOVE ourselves then we can LOVE others. Guess what this is the biggest problem of our WORLD today. People are AFRAID to LOVE and be LOVED.

LOVE does not HURT, people do. LOVE and fear are the contrary and do not go into the same phrase. LOVE is the KEY to happiness. LOVE is the fuel of LIFE. LOVE is wonderful. LOVE brings joy. LOVE brings security. LOVE brings such a great feeling inside. Why then do we do this to ourselves.

Maybe we just didn’t take a second to think of it. LOVE heals your body, mind and soul. The words ”I LOVE YOU” are so soothing, beautiful and NEEDED to ALL humain beings. Try it; tell a friend you LOVE them and if needed make them understand that you love your dog and cat too. It is alright to even love your car so why is it wrong to LOVE others. Help them understand what you just understood.

LOVE is the fountain of is not wrong to love and be loved …………….spread the word of LOVE


Be Patient in Time Eternal Blessings Follow & are even experienced now in this Present~joy happiness bliss divine love feel this vibe & never let it go!

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consciousness what is it for

Consciousness What is it for?
by Christian Rozencrux on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 8:04am ·
“I see Your Bridal Chamber adorned, O my Saviour, and I have no wedding garment, that I may enter therein; O Giver of Light, make radiant the vesture of my soul, and save me”.

When we reflect on the qualities of the Buddha we recite a pali mantra which describes & defines the personality: The mantra in english:One who is the perfect teacher, purified of all defilements, achieving perfect enlightment in the absence of a teacher, fully possesed of skilful means(vijja carana) & perfect conduct. One who has walked the straight path, the knower of worlds, the incomparable trainer of tameable ones, teacher of divas(gods) & men, the fully awakened beyond all ignorance, the skilled & perfect teacher.
Metteyya Foundation

Not by Revolution, but by evolution are all things accomplished in permanency. Rosicrucian Creed

Accessing Spiritual Power …!
At the core of the soul there is pure, spiritual power of peace, love, truth and non-dependent happiness. This power provides us with the inner strength needed to change. But how do we access this power? Meditation is the method – it allows this power to come to the surface of our consciousness and into our minds to color our thoughts, feelings and personality. In much the same way as hot, molten lava flows from the core of the Earth to the surface through a volcano, we can create volcanoes of spiritual power when we meditate. Note, though, that we want to use our power in a positive way: we are not seeking the kind of power that is physical in nature and may cause damage, we are seeking spiritual power.
When we get access to our own personal source of the power of peace, love and happiness, we essentially become free of any dependency on external sources for feelings of the same. When we generate our own feelings of love and self-respect, we stop being dependent on others and our addiction to their acceptance and approval reduces and finally disappears. When we generate our own feelings of contentment and joy within ourselves, we become free from the need for substances, places or physical experiences in order to be happy.
Using this inner power in the right way allows us to uproot or remove completely the old negative habits within our personality. Any unwanted habit can be changed and the scars of all the negative habits, which have developed within the soul over a long period of time, during the journey of birth and rebirth, can be healed in a short time span.
To be balanced is to be successful in relationships…!
To be balanced is to have the ability to do the right thing at the right time. It is the ability to use the head and the heart at the same time. It is the ability to have love and discipline. There is neither too much love nor too much discipline. There is an equal quantity of both.
When there is balance in my every act I am successful in my relationships. Because of this I receive their blessings too. I experience success in all I do and am able to enjoy a life of bliss. I am not caught up with questions about anything but am able to get the solutions in a second.

What Would You Do If You Were Invisible?
In Plato’s Republic, Socrates recounts the legend of the Ring of Gyges. It was a magic ring that granted its wearer the power to become invisible. Through the story of the ring, Socrates asks whether an ordinary person would behave morally knowing that his actions would not be observed by others, and therefore he would have no cause to fear the consequences of his actions?
Socrates’ answer is: If a person truly understood his own self-worth, he would not take advantage of his invisibility to do bad. There would be nothing he could gain that would be worth the loss of his integrity.
1 Cor. 3:16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.
I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet—Mahatma Gandhi”

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our mission will wishes~~~

Holy Grail Cup of ALL DRINK AND LIVE~!~Reality is a belief in what one perceives to be the truth! Hey you whats up??
by Christian Rozencrux on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 12:32pm ·


Let me teach you to fly~~~I am so pleased to meet you~~I hope you guess my name~~anyone?? For certain reasons I do not think it is advisable to publish my name;;chiefly because if I have to tell you the name I prefer to be called it would be obvious you had your mind set on some other way or name and even if I looked you in the eye and say I am HE ,the Cup of ALL , Lets just say, you wouldnt believe~~OH~~WELL~~HELL~~you couldnt tell!!!

I do not seek for praise , but am only anxious to assist the lovers of philosophy , truth and nature. The vain glory of fame I leave to those who are content to seem what they , in reality, are not. The facts and deductions which I have briefly here set down are transcribed from that manual ~~ experience, graciously bestowed upon me by the most high;; and my object is to enable those who have laid a sound foundation in the elementary part of this most noble art, to advance to a more satisfying fullness of knowledge. Our science is not a dream , as the vulgar crowd imagines , or the empty invention of idle men, as the foolish suppose. It is the very truth of philosophy itself , which the voice of conscience and of Love bid me conceal no longer.

I propose to set forth what I have to say in as simple and most straightforward way as possible, for i am no adept in the art of multiplying words ;; nor do I think that exuberance of language tends to clearness;; on the contrary ,, I am convinced that it is many words that darken council. SO IT maybe==whats the point??

Let me tell you , then , that although many are engaged in the search after this Philosphers Stone , it is nevertheless found but by very few. For God never intended that it should become generally known. It is rather to be regarded as a gift which he reserves for those favored few, who love the truth , and hate falsehood, who study our art earnestly by day and by night, and whose hearts are set upon God with an unfeigned affection.

Prophets have awaited the time when the secrets of the holy Christ Light will be released and the primordial powers of the Grail will rise to fulfill its Destiny.

The Holy Grail is the focal point of the sacrifice of the Mass , and also the mystery of the Holy Communion in which Jesus` body is offered in the form of bread and the communal wine , the “Blood of Life”.

In this dimension the Holy Grail is the receptacle used by jesus to perform the Eucharist at the Last Supper when He pours wine for the disciples to drink, saying , “This is My Blood”.

“”Whoso eateth my flesh and drink my Blood has Eternal Life.””

The Key to elucidating these teachings concerning the Eucharist is to remember that the bread and wine used at the last supper are called “THE ELEMENTS”.

This quest for the Grail is the quest to get our DNA to ring , sing , or vibrate a certain way. A right mode of thinking if you will. This creates a LOVE Song in the Blood, A San Grail or Song Grail , tuning us to the Key of Life or the tone of Imortality.

As the key of Life , the Grail offers a way to transform our Blood to make a connection to the energy of Higher {HEAVENLY} Realms which promise accelarated evolution and the Transformation OF BODY AND SOUL. This translates into immense personal spiritual power, including the ability to restore the Life Force to the dead.

These secrets come to light with this alchemical process for controlling the elements which activate the hidden power of the human body bringing it into a new reality~~cosmic conscience if you will. By strict definition the Holy Grail is a Philosopher`s or Alchemist`s Stone.

This potent catalyst can cure all Ills, grant Eternal Youth and can turn one element into another. As believed by the Alchemists , the Grail`s esoteric secrets , symbolized by the H , and the Christ Light halo surrounding Jesus` head , are a formative power that enable one to create souls and to transmute the elements………………………………………

This process can ingnite long dormant capabilities revealed by a Christ Light , THE ORIGINAL LIGHT/WISDOM of spiritual consciousness that transforms a Homo Sapien into a new type of being::”HOMO CHRISTOS.”

Understanding this aspect of the secrets of the Grail Stone provides a cornucopia of benefits including the ability to transmute matter, as for example Lead into Gold, and to control nature,including transforming human beings into shining higher forms , with a bright golden fleece and wings to fly.

THIS IS OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We intend to make effective the hidden forces in nature , to release natures light which has become deeply buried beneath the dross resulting from the curse, and thereby to light within every personage a torch by whose light they will be able better to recognize the hidden God and thereby become more closely united with the original source of Light.

The work of the Alchemist is everywhere based on the same concept::To seek the truth from reason and experience with the intent to show proof when found, There is always a Heirarchy of matter , a hidden perfection in nature , and the {PURE} ~waiting~ to be released by the [IMPURE]..

A celestial influence descends from above , by the decree and ordinance of God , and mingles with the astral properties or stars in HU MAN ,which can be described as the completely healed human being who has burned away all the dross of their lower being and is free to fly as the bee , butterfly , phoeniex or perfected personage with wings. This brings to pass a most intent cosmic felt orgasm.

As we experience our star immersed in a galaxy of others spinning endlessly through the universe , this brings rapture exceeding any pleasure , joy , ecstasy , or bliss that can be experienced or imagined. This produces a prolonged and very intense bliss that when experienced is just that truth known, what words cant describe. Individuality dissolves into the primordial infinite joy.

There is a complete loss of the condition of the skin bound body-mind. There is no “I” with LOVER or “I” with Galaxy, but rather , only undifferentiated unity and consciousness as all that.

We become the unifier or peacemaker seeking to unite all traditions in hopes of recovering the truth. Today this truth might be labeled “Grail or Christ Consciousness”. By observing the cup of All we understand the significance of drinking the wine, transforming ourselves into such a Stone.

If we consider that our Sun in our solar system is the source of all life:: energy and matter , then it is in short , the philosophers stone of our solar system.

Many medieval Alchemists identified the Stone as Christ himself , and from modern practioners of all faiths , this Body of Light is the Ultimate Golden Treasure. I and my father are One and unless a man is born both of water and fire , he can not enter into this hidden kingdom of God.

Its abode is neither the conscious nor the unconscious , which already exsists , but an imaginal realm connected to the archetypal dimension in which the individual soul connects to the world soul or vertical axis of reality. This is the middle ground which exsists between the stars above and the stars within.

By differentiating this middle ground , by creating this imaginal dimension in which to survive , one connects to nature and the cosmos , both the BELOW and the ABOVE. Or as one alchemist renaissance alchemist put it: “You break thru space , fly to Heaven in broad daylight , and shed the flesh-and-bone bag , which is now as useless as the alchemical workshop and vessels once that elixir has been perfdected””.

The right understanding of an alchemist is by the gift of God , or by the ocular demenstration of a teacher , and can be attained only by diligent , humble search , and prayerful dependence on the giver of all good things;; now , God rejects those who hate him , and scorn knowledge. In conclusion , I would earnestly ask the sons and daughters of knowledge to accept this writing in the spirit in which it was created;; and when the HIDDEN has become MANIFEST , and the inner gates of secret knowledge are flung open , not to reveal this mystery to any unworthy person ;; also to remember your duty towards those suffering and distressed neighbors ,, to avoid any ostentatious display of your power , and above all , render to God , the three in one , sincere and grateful thanks with your lips , in the silence of your hearts , and by refraining from any abuse of the Gift.
Atlantis is rising , The New Jerusalem can be seen , the stone that was rejected God placed in one spot. Let us build this “Church of The First Born” Thy Kingdom come Thy will be Done , on earth as it is in heaven.


King Artur came to his Lot and placed his hand on the round table almost as lifting on high.
The knights kneeled to attention.
A druid was called who drew a mysterious circle in space surrounding himself in nature and the cats hair stood on end then the deluge washed away all trace.


And a small still voice said
Attaining the Rose through the Cross,
Attaining the Cross through the Rose,
“”In this way, ornated with precious Stones , He will resurge”.

Not to Us , O LORD , not to Us but to your name be the glory , because of your LOVE and FAITHFULNESS.

And i Saw as He shook his head and said WHOM DOES THY HOLY GRAIL SERVE??

And All looked up with great awe and silence shook even the open spaces~~~~~~AND OUR VOICES BEGAN TO BE HEARD!

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