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by Christian Rozencrux on Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 1:23am ·
[Getting people to talk about themselves is never very difficult – Ed.]

“The idea of this game is that you share 25 facts about yourself, your manner, your style, your habits, your goals with 25 people. Then, you “tag” those 25 to do the same. You should include whoever tagged you, in this case me. I was tagged by two people in the last week or so and now you’re up. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know you better.

(To do this, go to the “notes” tab on your profile page, paste the instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random or very exact things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)”

1-Am aware of 5000+ names=A name is just a name~it’s the essence of the heart of our souls that counts.My birth & favorite names can be known, aswell as my essence,personality&character.Hell O ;How r u?This one goes out to the one I love~!~

2-The moon totally infatuates me~Always wondering how Venus was created to make such an intricate path in the Heavens.Am lookin for a certain Cow to sprout wings & can jump.Very anxious to see this event occur.The chemical wedding writings fascinate me.Mary Magdelene,Isis,Cybele,Athena,Queen of Heaven,Our Lady~Always on my Mind.Can words describe such essence or what she means to me?Would love to explain where she knows & understands that its beyond All words expressions & meanings for such attempt.She means everything to me.A great Divine Love~Like the fire,heat& Light from the Sun~Is eternal;never ending.

3-Have always been intrigued at Paths that Lead souls towards recognizing moreso this Divine Love—this Essence or so to speak placin us closer to a right state of mind,giving guidance to transformation & such process which attunes us with cosmic forces.By far the best path have found~ Rosecross; Bota is excellent & am very proud to be associated with Knights Templar.Alchemy,Hermetics,Cabala are very important to me.

3.14159-Pi-Ya ever noticed a sleepin beauty?Some people ya can wake up with a wink~Some take a gentle poke~Some a sprinkle of water~Some need a dunk~Some a good slap,knock on the head or even a tidal wave will not phase~***~Will give you a great solution here which came to me on Bezu Stronghold—sittin on a rectangle rock, I placed my hand over Isis star which lay in a circle, which was in a square& was told a frog would turn into a prince~Have always known this~Comments welcome””

4-My experiences in Life are so very treasured,from my birthdate{Which have heard rumors Adam was created on this date & that this is even date which hides mysterious true Door to the Above}to every breath & crumb eaten & onto the everythings & Alls;every second;All times;experiences of this so very precious lifes exsistence.Am very appreciative,thankful,in great debt of gratitude to creator for such creations;Nature.Aswell to All beins who help make these wonderous experiences more marvelous & magnificent by promoting joy,peace,Love, truth & goodness.One of these days am goin to write, possibly, a best seller,just lookin for that special someone to help who can type & help in getting this experience on paper.Look out Job,Percival,Indiana Jones,Harry Potter—WO~*~RLD

5-Like establishing stability, which is defined as:ability to be satisfied.The truth is like an egg—it hatches at the rite time~some people are close to the egg & see it; but some are so far away they cant even see a white speck, even by lookin thru the hubble!

6-66 is my favorite # since Im a 66 model.Have read all 66 chapters of Bible & of course the 66th is my favorite, to be exact Rev. 19:12~Turn 66 upside down & you have 99, the ultimate intiation #~^~

7-Have done Time & some people think Im crazy”Good Will Hunting was very intriguing movie to me & am definitely workin on solving the worlds problem that noone has ever been able to accomplish or even come close to doin %^%

8-Am no different than Blues Brothers;Am sure on a mission for God to make major changes here & have done such in other realms before & take pride in my work, which brings me bliss to see things,environments, become better & closer to a perfected state.Do like great vacations though & layin in the shade on the creek bank with my ol bluetick hound.You will possibly find me wearin cheap sunglasses.

9-Don’t claim to be from or of this World~Call me a reptilian,smelly fish headed dude,Merovingian sea creature,Alien,Boggy creek monster,that will make me happy.Owner of a Lonely heart ,YES, a lonely cry for sure from Faucke Arkansas.

9 ¾-SSHHH~Secret gate to Hawgwarts~Love tunafish & always dream of wakin up in bed full of lesbians~To square the circle&circle the square into one brings site on inside to a beautiful philosophers egg//

10-Love those hogs,although sometimes think they should just runoff cliff instead of onto field.WOOHH PIG SUUIIEE GO HOGS GO~@~Whatcha think bout the price of eggs overseas?

11-If Heaven aint a lot like Dixe~Don’t want to go~Cosmic Orgasms make me shiver””Them eggs aint worth the wear & tear on a chickens ass^*^

12-Am a full blooded countryboy, who will hopefully survive,Always warn of Copperhead RD.~The #s 1234 are sign of perfection”

13-Have had some very strange experiences on Friday 13ths to be exact Dec. 13,1985&May 13,2005, but feel no number brings more luck than 13.

14-Favorite Movies:Legend of Boggy creek monster;Stranger than Fiction;Blow Up;What the Bleep do we know;Dark Crystal;Golden Compass;Celestine Prophecy;The Fountain;Pi;Shine;The Notebook;Freedom Writers;Dead Poets Society;Contact;Armegeddon;Finishing Game;Powder;Edward Scissorhands;Untamed Heart;Beyond Borders;The painted Veil;Schindlers List;Fried Green Tomatoes;Bill&Teds Adventure;Fisherking;I am Sam;Good Will Hunting;23;Greenmile;Chocalot;Tristan&Isolde;Da Vinci Code;Bloodline Movie;National Treasure;Harry Potter;Forrest Gump;Gods must be Crazy;The Passion;August Rush;8×8 A chess sonata;The Illusionist~~Most these movies made me cry”^”

15-1+5=6 Ides of March is very sacred day in my opinion~*~

16-My spirit feels other spirits feelings very intuitively!Am a very emotional bein & as the song goes by Collective Soul named The world I know=So I walked up on high
And I stepped to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laughed at myself
As the tears roll down.
‘Cause it’s the world I know.

Ive been celibate for sometime,waiting for that special one who understands.Also value Life more than you can ever imagine since Ive been on threshold of death more than can be counted or anyone will ever be able to understand.Aswell cherish Happiness& Peace Profound,because am very well aware,this can vanish at any moment.

17-Jan. 17;another very sacred Day to me:The Oak & letter L symbolize a wonderful fountain which healing waters flow—Understanding this concept is vital key to certain transformation.A Pine on a Bluff ; 09 ; astrology , numerology, intriguing to say least …2010 HUUM

18-Im good example of a Paradox~Definition=statements which seem opposed to common sense or contradicts itself, but is perhaps True.Such as First~Last//Christ~Satan//Happy~Sad//Love~Hate//Light~Dark Bein All parts of the whole***

19-IMO there is no greater gift than a forever friend~These Connections are only thing we can leave with to carry to next realm with us~Gold@end of Rainbow nodoubts!!!Id cross the ocean for a heart of Gold&Im getting older.

20-Music means so much to me—Im so vain to think many songs are about…Vibroturgy is the psychic faculty of sensing auras of things & places & immediately becoming attuned with them.

21-Love my kids & family very much~!~Gloria In Excelsis Deo~Kisses MOM~Also have a Library of Books & Love to read—My fav. Livin author~Tracy Twyman~Favs passed on CG Jung//Fulcanelli

22-Wonder who will stop the Rain?&Why fire has to be the Devils only friend?

23-Have been very connected with above powers & conscious of many matters for 23 yrs now~Movie 23 is Trippy~A Favorite sayin of mine~Look at the shitter on that critter””

24-The song Don’t fear the Reaper carries a good message~Opinions are like asses—everyone has one//

25-Ive said to much/Havnt said enough~Thought I saw you sing,thought I saw you cry~Am losing my religion but still hold Melchizedek priesthood~Can you believe they put a man on the moon~The diamonds in the dung~Wonderin can you help me on certain circumstances??Nothing else matters~or is it all just an illusion to you~your thought up T~RICK


About christianrozencrux

Atom O`Spark {~}Wave When Lucifer and the trinity began to war with each other, those who did not take sides, worthy, noble angels, had to descend to earth to that stone which is forever incorruptible.I do not know whether God forgave them or damned them in the end:if it was his due he took them back.Since that time the stone has been in the care of those whom God appointed to it and to whom he sent his angel.This, Sir is how matters stand regarding the Grail. LAPSIT EXILLIS "The candidate must renounce his personality in order to devote himself to a higher moral apostate." The king IS Shepherd and pastor at the same time.Sometimes he dispatches some brilliant ambassodor to his vassel in power, his factotum, one who has the felicity of being subject to death. O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. 3rd M. "Out your Own Sweet Vale, Alicia Vanisheth Vanity Shepards of Arcadia `Twixt Deity and Man thou Shepherdeth the Way" your mind please very important--what do you think christkings activities consist of?do you want to play part?possibly predestined??greatwork is connecting--gold at end of rainbow!finding holy of holies if we havnt already~making money to fund our work and building places of safety!!aswell spiritual transformation maxmus for myself and others!! History is a gallery where we see very few originals and many copies. When originals no longer exsist, the last copy is the original Interests: accomplishing above matters!!finding the queen{Thou are the most vivid image of the true sun, amongst the myriads of stars that are before God, thou shinest forth Gloriously in Heaven by thy virginal purity}{She is the forethought of ALL, Her light is like his light.This was the first thought, his image.Together this now was the source of the ALL.It is the unbegotten virginal power which is source.}date for wedding of lamb?having fun exploring world and making connections!knowing i have made connection and experiencing bliss when i see the eye and soul of another change at that moment~accomplishing mission and going back home!if you are interested in these interests well u know~~dont be shy speak up!!!""Peter 1:2-6 Behold, I lay in Sion a chief cornerstone, elect, precious:and he that believth on him shall not be confounded. "According to tradition Merovingian monarchs were occult adepts, intiates in arcane sciences, practitioners in esoteric arts~worthy rivals of Merlin, their fabulous nearcontemporary.They were often called the sorcery kings or thamaturge kings.By virtue of some miraculous property in their blood, they could allegedly heal by the layin on of hands; They were said to be capable of clairvoyant or telepathic communications with beasts and with the natural world around
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