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by Christian Rozencrux on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 11:16am ·
By my Dear Friend Yaakov Ort
Explaining our traditions of who we are, and why we are here, is the purpose of this letter.

We need to begin with the Divine Motive for creating the world as we know it. The first and most important thing to be mindful of, now and always, is that the sole desire of the Divine Infinite One is to provide pleasure, contentment and bliss to every human being.

The purpose for the creation of both the Higher World (Heaven) and This World (Earth), and the reason for the descent of a Divine soul into every human body, has always been for all human beings to maximize the long-term pleasure and minimize the long-term suffering of their bodies, minds and souls while in this world, and to maximize the long-term pleasure of the body, mind and soul alike when we return to our Source in the Higher World.

We were meant to accomplish this by maximizing the pleasure, and minimizing the suffering, of humanity as a whole, of each individual whom the Divine Will places before us, and of every human being whose life we might be able to directly and indirectly influence and improve, including our own. By doing so, we fulfill the essential Will of the Divine Infinite One.

In order to accomplish this, every human being is created in the Image and Likeness of the Divine One.

Image refers to our divine capacities for Free Will and Creative Intelligence.

Likeness refers to the Will to, like the Divine, provide material and spiritual sustenance, pleasure, contentment and bliss to others and to ourselves, as an end-in-itself.

One may ask: If the Divine One only desired to provide goodness as an end in itself, why was the world not created in a state of perfection — with mankind only experiencing pleasure, contentment and bliss, and with no pain or suffering at all?

Answer is this: Of all the gifts that the Divine can provide to us, there is only one gift that truly cannot be given, even by the Divine. The impossible gift-to-give is the experience of pleasure, contentment and bliss that results when we have independently utilized our Free Will and Creative Intelligence to create something beautiful and good, and when we have done good to and for others.

A feeling of true accomplishment and the certainty that we have justly earned our pleasures and our rewards cannot be externally or artificially provided to us. It must be the earned result of our choices and our behavior.

To provide the background in which the joy of true human accomplishment can legitimately exist, the Divine Being created a world that is fundamentally good, but imperfect.

If the world were perfect, there would be nothing for us to do or accomplish. This imperfection is created by the slight but sufficient degree of randomness and chaos that is built into all of physical reality at a root level.

We are taught that in the beginning, all was Tohu (chaos) and Bohu (emptiness, unpredictability, randomness). Following the Divine creative process, a minute amount of this Tohu and Bohu remains in every element of physical reality, in order to create the opportunity for mankind to use its free will and creative intelligence to increase goodness and beauty throughout reality as a whole.

All of the pain and suffering that exists in this world is the result of these two distinct forces: The random imperfections of Nature, and the Free Will of Man. There is no supernatural force of Evil.

There are no demons, shades, malicious spirits or anything else of the sort, and there never have been. These are all fictions created by those who have sought to manipulate, rule and enslave others through the production and regulation of fear and anxiety —biochemical reactions that help to ensure survival, sex, and status.

To be sure, there are spiritual forces that exist in a multitude of dimensions, but they are entirely good, and can be called upon in our pursuit of goodness and pleasure.There are eighteen gates of pleasure and suffering within the human soul and personality that are the source of both the goodness and the harm that human beings are capable of creating.

The imperfections and random chaos in nature result in tsunamis, cancer, hurricanes, birth defects, drought, post-nasal drip, traffic accidents, spilt milk, stubbed toes, every form of physical and mental disease, and every kind of injury, deprivation and pain. When these events result in death and suffering, it is not because those who are affected deserve to experience pain, nor do these events occur as a punishment for things that its victims have or have not done. The Divine One does not work that way.

They are the random results of the necessary chaos that remains in a good but imperfect world. Or, they are the results of the actions of human beings who have freely and intentionally chosen to act out in a very harmful way. When a human being chooses to actively or passively harm others, neither the cause nor the results are a function of the Divine Will, but are solely the result of the free willed actions of human beings.

In order for there to be fairness and justice in a world of mostly innocent bystanders, the Divine One created a system of Justice that includes three elements: reward, withholding of reward, and compensation.

Reward: When a person uses his or her free will and creative intelligence to do good for himself or for others she or he is rewarded with physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual pleasure both in this world, and following the death of the three-dimensional body, is rewarded with the unimaginable pleasures of the fifty-dimensional body in the Higher World.

Withholding of Reward: When one withholds his free will and creative intelligence, or uses it to create pain and suffering for himself or others, then a corresponding amount of his earned pleasures are withheld in the Higher World.

Compensation: For the victims of either Nature or of Man — and all of us are to some degree victims — all of the pain and suffering that we and our loved ones experience during this lifetime is compensated for by the addition of pleasures in the Higher World.

These eternal, Heavenly pleasures inexpressibly exceed the suffering and the loss of opportunity to do good that we undeservedly experienced during this lifetime.

There is a point where the suffering that one can willfully cause to others is so extreme that the withholding of reward requires the complete and final extermination of a soul. The death of the soul along with its human body is the only form of Divine punishment. Such a soul, referred to in the Bible as being “cut-off” simply becomes permanently non-existent. It experiences no awareness of its loss, and does not suffer.

Throughout human history most of mankind has failed to use its creative intelligence or its free will for the benefit of itself or others. To the contrary, we had made for ourselves a world of foolishness, barbarity, cruelty, narcissism and enslavement.

This, friends, is why we are here. It is to serve as leaders, guides and mentors to the human race. There are too many souls being cut off. There are too many victims of man’s capacity to be unaware of his higher purpose.

In short, the constructive partnership between human and Divine to improve an imperfectly created world enables us to experience positive and real accomplishment, to earn reward through that accomplishment, and to be compensated for the suffering caused by the fact that Nature and Man exist in a state of relative imperfection and free choice.

From every moment to every moment we make the choice to express or to withhold our free will, creative intelligence, and pure desire to give.

We ourselves are rewarded or not-rewarded with the pleasures of this world and the inexpressible pleasures and bliss of the Higher World on the basis of our primary choices, which initiate the long-term consequences of our thoughts, speech and actions. The most important task in life is therefore to be mindful of the long-term consequences of our thoughts, speech and actions, to ensure that they are designed to produce and enhance humanity’s pleasures, as well as our own, and to reduce suffering in any way that we can.

This was and remains our special mission. This is why we, and you, are here. To inspire and instruct our fellow men and women on how best to elevate themselves and the world, materially and spiritually, and for us to freely and fully enjoy all the pleasures of this world while doing so.

Hatred does not cease by hatred at anytime: hatred ceases by LOVE~this is an old rule.
All that we are is a result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows , as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.
All we are is the result of what we have thought: it is found on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a person speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows, like a shadow that never leaves.

They who imagine truth in untruth, & see untruth in truth, never arrive at truth, but follow vain desires.
They who know truth in truth & untruth in untruth, arrive at truth, & follow truth desires.

The evil-doer mourns in this world, & in the next; mourning in both. How can one not mourn when seeing the evil results of their minds & hands at work???
The virtuous person delights in this world, & in the next, delights in both. How can one not delight & be in bliss, when looking at the purity and good results of such spoken work & actions???

The evil-doer suffers in this world & in the next; suffers in both. How can one not suffer when thinking of the evil been done??? & even more suffering by continuing evil path???
The virtuous person is happy in this world, & in the next; Happy in both. How can one not be happy when thinking of the good that was done??? & even more happiness on the good path???

Those who pass by^~~^


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