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Does it take perceiving, believing to enter such?A knock knock knockin on heavens door?Can we enter?Transcend thru such, truely experiencing Heaven on earth now in this moment?
C.G Jung writes in his book Aion{Which is much about Christ{The Fish~Echina who roams the oceans~a very elusive rare find} He states:
“In the whole IDES there is but one man, the same is extracted by the Illiastrum and is the protoplast.”
IDES OR IDEUS is “”THE GATE THROUGH WHICH ALL CREATED THINGS HAVE PROCEEDED””,the globule or materia from which man was created. The ancient teachings about the Anthropos or Primordial Man asset that God , or the world~~creating~ principle , was made manifest in the form of a “”FIRST CREATED”” {protoplastus} man , usually of cosmic size.
In India he is Prajapati or Purusha , who is also “the size of a thumb” and dwells in the heart of every man , like the Illiaster of Paracelsus. In Persia he is Gayomart , {gayoOmaretan , mortal life} , a youth of dazzlin whiteness , as is also said of the Alchemical Mercurius.
In the Zohar he is Metatron , who was created together with Light. He is the Celestial Man whom we meet in the visions of Daniel , Ezra , Enoch , and also in Philo Judaeus.
He is one of the principle figures in Gnosticism , where , as always , he is connected with the question of CREATION and REDEMPTION.
AE WAITES Book:The Hermetic Muesuem states:
On the sixth day of the first year of the world , that is to say , on the 15th day of march , God created , the first man Adam , of red earth , in a field near Damascus , with a beautiful body , and after his own image. When Adam was created , he stood naked before the Lord , and with outstretched hands rendered thanks to him , saying : O Lord , Thy hands have shaped me:: now remember , I Pray Thee , the work of Thy hands , which thou has clothed with flesh , and strenghtened with bones , and grant me life and loving kindness. So the Lord endowed Adam with great wisdom , and such marvelous insight that he immediately , without the help of any teacher~~simply by virtue of his original righteousness~~had a perfect knowledge of the seven liberal arts , and of all animals , plants , stones , metals , and minerals. Nay , what is more , he had perfect understanding of the holy trinity , and of the coming of Christ in the flesh.
Moreover , Adam was the Lord , King , and ruler of All creatures which , at the Divine bidding , were brought to him by the Angel to receive their names. Thus All creatures acknowledged Adam as their Lord , seeing that it was He to whom the properties and virtues of All things were to be made known. Now the wisdom , and knowledge of All things , which Adam had recieved , enabled him to observe the properties , the orgin , and end of All things.
He noted the division and destruction , the birth and decay of physical substances. He saw that they derive their orgin from the dry and moist elements , and that they are again transmuted into the dry and the moist. Of All these things Adam took notice , and especially of that which is called the FIRST MATTER.
For He who knows how things are transmuted into their first matter , has no need to ask any questions. It was that which exsisted before , a new earth , fire , water , air , sun , moon , stars , in short , a new world. As in the beginning All things were created new , so there is a kind of new creation out of the first substance in our Art.
Now although God warned him not to reveal this first substance~~~viz,; the moistened and the dry elements~~yet he permitted him to impart the knowledge to his son Seth. Abel discovered the Art for himself , by the wisdom which God had given him , and inscribed an account of it on beechen tablets.
He was also the first to discover the Art of writing::further , he foretold the destruction of the world by the flood , and wrote All these things on wooden tablets , and hid them in a pillar of stone , which was found , long afterwards by the children of Isreal , thus you see that our Art was a secret from the beginning , and a secret it will remain to the end of the world.
For this reason it is necessary carefully to consider All that is said about it , and especially the words of the Lord to Adam :: for they exhibit in a succinct form the secret of the whole ART.

C.G. Jung states again in Alchemical Studies much about the Ides & Christ The True Door to Above:
This Logos or quarternity is “the cup from which the king , drinking , draws his omens ,” or the beaker of Anacreon. The cup leads Hippolytus on to the wine miracle at cana , which , he says “”showed forth the kingdom of heaven””;;for the kingdom of heaven lies within us , like the wine in the cup.
Futher parallels of the cup are the ithyphallic Gods of Samothrace and the Kyllenic Hermes , who signiyfy the original man as well as the spiritual man who is reborn. This last is “” in every respect consubstantial “” with the original man symbolized by Hermes. For this reason , says Hippolytus , Christ said that one must eat of his flesh and drink of his blood , for he was conscious of the individual nature of each of his disciples , and also of the need of each “”to come to his own special nature.””
Another synonym is Korybas , who was descended of the crown of the head and from the unformed brain like the eurphrates from eden , and permeates All things. His image exsists ~~~unrecognized~~””in earthly form””. He is the God who dwells in the flood. So far as Korybas is concerned , the parallel between him and the Protanthropos is explained by the ancient view that the corybants were the original men. The name “”Korybas”” does not denote a particular personality , but rather the anonymous member of a collectivity , such as the curetes , Cabira , Dactyls , etc….
Etymologically , it has been brought into connection with {Crown of the Head} , though this is not certain. Korybas seems in our text to be the name of a single synonymous with the Cabiri of samothrace. With reference to this Hermes the text says :: “”Him the Thracians…~~~… call Korybas.”” I have suggested in an earlier publication that this unusual single personality may perhaps be a product of contamination with Korybas , known to us from the Dionysus legend , because he to seems to have been a PHALLIC BEING , as we learn from a scholium to Lucian`s De dea Syria.
From the centre of the “”Perfect Man”” flows the ocean {where we have said , the Gods dwell}. The “”Perfect”” man is , as Jesus says , the “”TRUE DOOR,”” THROUGH WHICH THE PERFECT MAN must go through to be reborn again. Here the problem of how to translate “”telios”” becomes crucial ; for~~we must ask~~why should anyone who is “”perfect”” need renewal through rebirth??? One can only conclude that the perfect man was not so perfected that no futher improvement was possible. We encounter a similar difficulty in Philippians 3:12 where Paul says: “”Not that I ……am already perfect”””. But three verses further on he writes : “”Let us then , as many as are perfect be of this mind””. The gnostic use of__________ obviously agrees with Paul`s.
The word has only an approximate meaning and amounts to much the same thing as ___________ `”SPIRITUAL”, which is not connected with any conception of a definite degree of perfection of spirituality. The word “”perfect”” gives the sense of the greek___________ correctly only when it refers to God. But when it applies to a man , who in addition is in need of rebirth , it can at most , mean “”WHOLE”” or “”COMPLETE””, especially if , as our text says , the complete man cannot even be saved unless he passes through this door
The father of the “”perfectus”” is the higher man or Protanthropos , who is “”not clearly formed”” and “”without qualities””. Hippolytus goes on to say that he is called PAPA {ATTIS} by the Phrygians. He is a bringer of peace and quells “”the war of the elements”” in the human body , a staement we meet again word for word in medieval alchemy , where the filius philosphorum “”makes peace between enemies or the elements””.
This “”PAPA”” Is also called _________{cadaver}, because he is buried in the body like a mummy in a tomb. A similar idea is found in Paracelsus ; his treatise De vita longa opens with the words::””Life verily , is naught but a kind of embalmed mummy , which preserves the mortal body from the mortal worms””.The body lives only from the “”MUMIA””, Through which the “”peregrinus microcosmus,”” the wandering microcosm {corresponding to the macrocosm}, rules the physical body. His synonyms are the Adech , Archeus , Protothoma , Ides , Idechtrum , etc ..
He is the “”Protaplast”” {the first created}, and , as , Ides , “”the door which all created things have come.””
{THE “”TRUE DOOR”” ABOVE!!!} The mumia is born together with the body and sustains it , though not to the degree that the “”supercelestial Mumia”” does. The latter would correspond to the higher Adam of the nassenes. Of the Ideus or Ides Paracelsus says that in it “””there is but one man~~~~ãnd he is the Protoplast.””
The Paracelsian Mumia therefore corresponds in every way to the original man , who forms the microcosm in the mortal man and , as such , shares all the powers of the macrocosm. Since it is often a question of cabalistic influences in Paracelsus , it may not be superflous in this connection to recall the figure of the cabalistic Metatron. In the Zohar the Messiah is described as the “”central column””{of the sephiroth system}, and of this column it is said :: “”The column of the centre is Metatron , whose name is like that of the Lord””. “”It is created and constituted to be in his image and likeness , and it includes all gradations from Above to Below and from Below to Above , and binds {them} together in the centre.””
The dead man , Hippolytus continues , will rise again by passing through the “””DOOR TO HEAVEN””. Jacob saw the gate of Heaven on his way to Mesopotamia , “”but they say Mesopatamia is the stream of the great ocean that flows from the midst of the perfect man.”” This is the Gate of Heaven of which Jacob said:: “”HOW TERRIBLE IS THIS PLACE!!!””
“”This is no other than the house of God , and the Gate of Heaven.””
The stream that flows out of the original man {{THE GATE OF HEAVEN}} Is interpreted here as the flood tide of oceanus , which , as we have seen , generates the Gods. The passage quoted by Hippolytus probally refers to john 7:38 or to an apoccryphal source common to both. The passage in John —-“”He who believes in Me ,as the scripture has said , out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water””—refers to a non biblical source , which , however , seemed scriptual to the author. Who ever drinks of this water , in him it shall be a fountain of water springing up into eternal life , says Origen.
This water is the “”higher”” water , the aqua doctrinae , the rivers from the belly of Christ , and the divine life as contrasted with the “”Lower”” water , the aqua abyssi , where the darkness are , and where dwell the Prince of this world and the decieving dragon and his angels. The river of water is the “”SAVIOR”” Himself. Christ is the river that pours into the world through the four gospels , like the rivers of Paradise.
I have purposedly cited the ecclesiastical allegories in greater detail here , so that the reader can see how saturated Gnostic symbolism is in the language of the church , and how , on the other hand , particularly in Origen , the liveliness of his amplications and interpretations has much in common with Gnostic views.
Thus , to him as to many of his contemporaries and sucessors , the idea of the cosmic correspondance of the “”SPIRITUAL INNER MAN”” was something quite familar :: in his first homily on Genesis he says that God first created Heaven , the whole spiritual substance , and that the counterpart of this is “”OUR MIND”” which is itself a spirit , that is , it is our spiritual inner man or lady which sees and knows God.””
These examples of christian parallels to the partly pagan views of the Gnostics may suffice to give the reader a picture of the mentality of the first two centuries of our era , and to show how closely the religious teachings of that age were connected with psychic facts.
.~~~~~~~~~Best Wishes for Peace Profound Drink & LIVE MUCH LOVE LIGHT LIFE Rick Dickinson
: the actual substantial presence and combination of the body and blood of Christ with the eucharistic bread and wine according to a teaching associated with Martin Luther


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