do u find it hard to say i luv u>>

by Christian Rozencrux on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 1:24am ·
Why do people feel uncomfortable to say I LOVE YOU or to be told I LOVE YOU ?

Most people feel so uncomfortable to be told by a friend I LOVE YOU. They can right away be afraid that the person is falling in LOVE with him/her. This situation also involves maybe sexuality and a commitment. So the moment someone says I LOVE YOU, you don’t accept it and feel BAD. Or others have been hurt by the lost of a LOVED one, through death or a relationship. So for these people LOVE = PAIN. They would also feel Bad and uncomfortable by someone telling them I LOVE YOU. Another possibility is the person doesn’t LOVE him/herself for whatever reason coming from a past experience and therefore those words trigger an automatism ”I’m not allowed to be LOVED” which makes them feel BAD.

We all know that to be happy in life we NEED to LOVE ourselves then we can LOVE others. Guess what this is the biggest problem of our WORLD today. People are AFRAID to LOVE and be LOVED.

LOVE does not HURT, people do. LOVE and fear are the contrary and do not go into the same phrase. LOVE is the KEY to happiness. LOVE is the fuel of LIFE. LOVE is wonderful. LOVE brings joy. LOVE brings security. LOVE brings such a great feeling inside. Why then do we do this to ourselves.

Maybe we just didn’t take a second to think of it. LOVE heals your body, mind and soul. The words ”I LOVE YOU” are so soothing, beautiful and NEEDED to ALL humain beings. Try it; tell a friend you LOVE them and if needed make them understand that you love your dog and cat too. It is alright to even love your car so why is it wrong to LOVE others. Help them understand what you just understood.

LOVE is the fountain of is not wrong to love and be loved …………….spread the word of LOVE


Be Patient in Time Eternal Blessings Follow & are even experienced now in this Present~joy happiness bliss divine love feel this vibe & never let it go!

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consciousness what is it for

Consciousness What is it for?
by Christian Rozencrux on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 8:04am ·
“I see Your Bridal Chamber adorned, O my Saviour, and I have no wedding garment, that I may enter therein; O Giver of Light, make radiant the vesture of my soul, and save me”.

When we reflect on the qualities of the Buddha we recite a pali mantra which describes & defines the personality: The mantra in english:One who is the perfect teacher, purified of all defilements, achieving perfect enlightment in the absence of a teacher, fully possesed of skilful means(vijja carana) & perfect conduct. One who has walked the straight path, the knower of worlds, the incomparable trainer of tameable ones, teacher of divas(gods) & men, the fully awakened beyond all ignorance, the skilled & perfect teacher.
Metteyya Foundation

Not by Revolution, but by evolution are all things accomplished in permanency. Rosicrucian Creed

Accessing Spiritual Power …!
At the core of the soul there is pure, spiritual power of peace, love, truth and non-dependent happiness. This power provides us with the inner strength needed to change. But how do we access this power? Meditation is the method – it allows this power to come to the surface of our consciousness and into our minds to color our thoughts, feelings and personality. In much the same way as hot, molten lava flows from the core of the Earth to the surface through a volcano, we can create volcanoes of spiritual power when we meditate. Note, though, that we want to use our power in a positive way: we are not seeking the kind of power that is physical in nature and may cause damage, we are seeking spiritual power.
When we get access to our own personal source of the power of peace, love and happiness, we essentially become free of any dependency on external sources for feelings of the same. When we generate our own feelings of love and self-respect, we stop being dependent on others and our addiction to their acceptance and approval reduces and finally disappears. When we generate our own feelings of contentment and joy within ourselves, we become free from the need for substances, places or physical experiences in order to be happy.
Using this inner power in the right way allows us to uproot or remove completely the old negative habits within our personality. Any unwanted habit can be changed and the scars of all the negative habits, which have developed within the soul over a long period of time, during the journey of birth and rebirth, can be healed in a short time span.
To be balanced is to be successful in relationships…!
To be balanced is to have the ability to do the right thing at the right time. It is the ability to use the head and the heart at the same time. It is the ability to have love and discipline. There is neither too much love nor too much discipline. There is an equal quantity of both.
When there is balance in my every act I am successful in my relationships. Because of this I receive their blessings too. I experience success in all I do and am able to enjoy a life of bliss. I am not caught up with questions about anything but am able to get the solutions in a second.

What Would You Do If You Were Invisible?
In Plato’s Republic, Socrates recounts the legend of the Ring of Gyges. It was a magic ring that granted its wearer the power to become invisible. Through the story of the ring, Socrates asks whether an ordinary person would behave morally knowing that his actions would not be observed by others, and therefore he would have no cause to fear the consequences of his actions?
Socrates’ answer is: If a person truly understood his own self-worth, he would not take advantage of his invisibility to do bad. There would be nothing he could gain that would be worth the loss of his integrity.
1 Cor. 3:16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.
I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet—Mahatma Gandhi”

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our mission will wishes~~~

Holy Grail Cup of ALL DRINK AND LIVE~!~Reality is a belief in what one perceives to be the truth! Hey you whats up??
by Christian Rozencrux on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 12:32pm ·


Let me teach you to fly~~~I am so pleased to meet you~~I hope you guess my name~~anyone?? For certain reasons I do not think it is advisable to publish my name;;chiefly because if I have to tell you the name I prefer to be called it would be obvious you had your mind set on some other way or name and even if I looked you in the eye and say I am HE ,the Cup of ALL , Lets just say, you wouldnt believe~~OH~~WELL~~HELL~~you couldnt tell!!!

I do not seek for praise , but am only anxious to assist the lovers of philosophy , truth and nature. The vain glory of fame I leave to those who are content to seem what they , in reality, are not. The facts and deductions which I have briefly here set down are transcribed from that manual ~~ experience, graciously bestowed upon me by the most high;; and my object is to enable those who have laid a sound foundation in the elementary part of this most noble art, to advance to a more satisfying fullness of knowledge. Our science is not a dream , as the vulgar crowd imagines , or the empty invention of idle men, as the foolish suppose. It is the very truth of philosophy itself , which the voice of conscience and of Love bid me conceal no longer.

I propose to set forth what I have to say in as simple and most straightforward way as possible, for i am no adept in the art of multiplying words ;; nor do I think that exuberance of language tends to clearness;; on the contrary ,, I am convinced that it is many words that darken council. SO IT maybe==whats the point??

Let me tell you , then , that although many are engaged in the search after this Philosphers Stone , it is nevertheless found but by very few. For God never intended that it should become generally known. It is rather to be regarded as a gift which he reserves for those favored few, who love the truth , and hate falsehood, who study our art earnestly by day and by night, and whose hearts are set upon God with an unfeigned affection.

Prophets have awaited the time when the secrets of the holy Christ Light will be released and the primordial powers of the Grail will rise to fulfill its Destiny.

The Holy Grail is the focal point of the sacrifice of the Mass , and also the mystery of the Holy Communion in which Jesus` body is offered in the form of bread and the communal wine , the “Blood of Life”.

In this dimension the Holy Grail is the receptacle used by jesus to perform the Eucharist at the Last Supper when He pours wine for the disciples to drink, saying , “This is My Blood”.

“”Whoso eateth my flesh and drink my Blood has Eternal Life.””

The Key to elucidating these teachings concerning the Eucharist is to remember that the bread and wine used at the last supper are called “THE ELEMENTS”.

This quest for the Grail is the quest to get our DNA to ring , sing , or vibrate a certain way. A right mode of thinking if you will. This creates a LOVE Song in the Blood, A San Grail or Song Grail , tuning us to the Key of Life or the tone of Imortality.

As the key of Life , the Grail offers a way to transform our Blood to make a connection to the energy of Higher {HEAVENLY} Realms which promise accelarated evolution and the Transformation OF BODY AND SOUL. This translates into immense personal spiritual power, including the ability to restore the Life Force to the dead.

These secrets come to light with this alchemical process for controlling the elements which activate the hidden power of the human body bringing it into a new reality~~cosmic conscience if you will. By strict definition the Holy Grail is a Philosopher`s or Alchemist`s Stone.

This potent catalyst can cure all Ills, grant Eternal Youth and can turn one element into another. As believed by the Alchemists , the Grail`s esoteric secrets , symbolized by the H , and the Christ Light halo surrounding Jesus` head , are a formative power that enable one to create souls and to transmute the elements………………………………………

This process can ingnite long dormant capabilities revealed by a Christ Light , THE ORIGINAL LIGHT/WISDOM of spiritual consciousness that transforms a Homo Sapien into a new type of being::”HOMO CHRISTOS.”

Understanding this aspect of the secrets of the Grail Stone provides a cornucopia of benefits including the ability to transmute matter, as for example Lead into Gold, and to control nature,including transforming human beings into shining higher forms , with a bright golden fleece and wings to fly.

THIS IS OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We intend to make effective the hidden forces in nature , to release natures light which has become deeply buried beneath the dross resulting from the curse, and thereby to light within every personage a torch by whose light they will be able better to recognize the hidden God and thereby become more closely united with the original source of Light.

The work of the Alchemist is everywhere based on the same concept::To seek the truth from reason and experience with the intent to show proof when found, There is always a Heirarchy of matter , a hidden perfection in nature , and the {PURE} ~waiting~ to be released by the [IMPURE]..

A celestial influence descends from above , by the decree and ordinance of God , and mingles with the astral properties or stars in HU MAN ,which can be described as the completely healed human being who has burned away all the dross of their lower being and is free to fly as the bee , butterfly , phoeniex or perfected personage with wings. This brings to pass a most intent cosmic felt orgasm.

As we experience our star immersed in a galaxy of others spinning endlessly through the universe , this brings rapture exceeding any pleasure , joy , ecstasy , or bliss that can be experienced or imagined. This produces a prolonged and very intense bliss that when experienced is just that truth known, what words cant describe. Individuality dissolves into the primordial infinite joy.

There is a complete loss of the condition of the skin bound body-mind. There is no “I” with LOVER or “I” with Galaxy, but rather , only undifferentiated unity and consciousness as all that.

We become the unifier or peacemaker seeking to unite all traditions in hopes of recovering the truth. Today this truth might be labeled “Grail or Christ Consciousness”. By observing the cup of All we understand the significance of drinking the wine, transforming ourselves into such a Stone.

If we consider that our Sun in our solar system is the source of all life:: energy and matter , then it is in short , the philosophers stone of our solar system.

Many medieval Alchemists identified the Stone as Christ himself , and from modern practioners of all faiths , this Body of Light is the Ultimate Golden Treasure. I and my father are One and unless a man is born both of water and fire , he can not enter into this hidden kingdom of God.

Its abode is neither the conscious nor the unconscious , which already exsists , but an imaginal realm connected to the archetypal dimension in which the individual soul connects to the world soul or vertical axis of reality. This is the middle ground which exsists between the stars above and the stars within.

By differentiating this middle ground , by creating this imaginal dimension in which to survive , one connects to nature and the cosmos , both the BELOW and the ABOVE. Or as one alchemist renaissance alchemist put it: “You break thru space , fly to Heaven in broad daylight , and shed the flesh-and-bone bag , which is now as useless as the alchemical workshop and vessels once that elixir has been perfdected””.

The right understanding of an alchemist is by the gift of God , or by the ocular demenstration of a teacher , and can be attained only by diligent , humble search , and prayerful dependence on the giver of all good things;; now , God rejects those who hate him , and scorn knowledge. In conclusion , I would earnestly ask the sons and daughters of knowledge to accept this writing in the spirit in which it was created;; and when the HIDDEN has become MANIFEST , and the inner gates of secret knowledge are flung open , not to reveal this mystery to any unworthy person ;; also to remember your duty towards those suffering and distressed neighbors ,, to avoid any ostentatious display of your power , and above all , render to God , the three in one , sincere and grateful thanks with your lips , in the silence of your hearts , and by refraining from any abuse of the Gift.
Atlantis is rising , The New Jerusalem can be seen , the stone that was rejected God placed in one spot. Let us build this “Church of The First Born” Thy Kingdom come Thy will be Done , on earth as it is in heaven.


King Artur came to his Lot and placed his hand on the round table almost as lifting on high.
The knights kneeled to attention.
A druid was called who drew a mysterious circle in space surrounding himself in nature and the cats hair stood on end then the deluge washed away all trace.


And a small still voice said
Attaining the Rose through the Cross,
Attaining the Cross through the Rose,
“”In this way, ornated with precious Stones , He will resurge”.

Not to Us , O LORD , not to Us but to your name be the glory , because of your LOVE and FAITHFULNESS.

And i Saw as He shook his head and said WHOM DOES THY HOLY GRAIL SERVE??

And All looked up with great awe and silence shook even the open spaces~~~~~~AND OUR VOICES BEGAN TO BE HEARD!

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Invitation to the Feast of the Holy Grail
by Christian Rozencrux on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 11:10am ·
Come, let us break the Bread of Life in holy love together. Let us drink of the new wine of joy, the ever young life of our ageless Christ. Let us pass the cup of blessing unto one another. Let us be glad in the gladness of the salvation of God.
O Bread of Heaven, thou art the very sweetness of God to our whole being. O Cup of Blessing, in thee is the great joy of our life. Thee we bless with the hands of the love of our body, our soul & our mind. For thou hast filled our whole nature with the joy of God`s strength.
And ye souls, well beloved, ye little ones of the mediatorial Body of Christ, who still abide by the elements of matter, having need of their service, right heartily we invite unto you unto the feast behind the veil of senses.
For ye will yet come, in the day of your stronger vision, unto the spiritual discerning of the Body of the Lord of Life.
And unto you there will be no more need of the symbols, nor any power of illusion, nor any bonds, either in the psychic or in the material degree of life. For when your own Christ, even the Living Sun of your soul, illumines you, ye will not need the light of moon or candle.
Know this to be your sure inheritance, faithful souls, well beloved of the Holy One. And so to you again the Spirit calls:
Come now unto the feast of the Inner Light. Welcome, welcome are you in the name of the King of Joy. Freely, freely flows the wine. Fully, fully is shed the Divine Substance. Drink, drink & eat abuntantly, souls well beloved of the Mother of Life, the Nourisher, the Comforter of your days.
THE Mystery of the Holy Grail
Wheresoever & whensoever any number of purified souls, incarnate or decarnate, have come together, drawn there by the pure desire to receive & communicate good, being unifyed in the Spirit of Love, & having thus become in the very fact one soul in the will of blessing, there arises spontaneously & is formed out of the manifold elements of their individualised soul-substances a body of divine service. This in the degree of the human, is the mediatorial Body of Christ, the vessel of the service of Love, & it assumes a form that is visible to the spiritual seer who sees beyond the shadows of the phantomal into the inner realities of the degree of Life. It appears as a chalice or cup, symbol of the service of Life in all the degrees of manifestation. Its body is composed of the substance of all souls present, seen & unseen, who are in the will of blessing, & the purity & nobility of its body is that of the souls constituting it, & its efficiency to service is their efficiency. And so its power is to draw unto it both from above & below & to transmute the waters of psyche flowing therein out of the lower into the wine of the new or higher life.
For the pure soul whoever suffers for sins not its own is the cup or vessel for the mediating of the Power of Life, & it fulfills its function according to its individuality. It receives of the Life-stream of the Highest as it is shed & descends into our human degree, for it is worthy & fit for such a use. And in the long process of the transmutation of the nature elements of the soul of blameless suffering whereby it has indeed become the cup of heavenly gold, out of its heart has been pressed the wine of God`s joy for the gladdening of the heart of others, & out of its passional life-blood has been distilled the sweet drink of the children & now its substance is given as the food of the love of the Christ-Mother to the little ones.
Behold, ye who can see, & reverence in such a soul the Lamb of God who suffers for & bears away the sin of the world. Behold in its blameless & willing suffering the perpetual sacrifice of the living Christ. Behold in the transmutation of its elements of veritable transubstantiation of the body of man into the body of God, i.e., of the human soul into the divine soul who has come unto the strength of vicarious suffering.
To the seer the inflow of the power of the Highest into its body often takes the appearance of the descent of the Dove, symbol of the richness in fruit bearing & the principles of life thus being communicated.
For, according to the law of the attraction of affinities, out of the higher is drawn unto it the finer individualized essences or powers of the more fully evolved of the Body of Christ-service who can enter the soul of pure love, generated in this unified body of goodwill & service as into a congenial air.
And their sweet life is shed within this body as within a cup.
And this is the pouring forth of the fine substance of the Christ, even the shedding of His Life.
And it is manifested in the soul as the Great Peace of the Great Joy. For it is in the Christ essence & power, rich in divine fecundity. And only in virtue of it can the soul bear the fruit of blessing, & only in the fruit bearing of Christ can the soul taste of the Great Peace of the Great Joy. For she is delivered of her burden of fruit, & there is Peace. But the fruit-bearing comes before the peace. And the White Dove is the richness of the fruit-bearing Christ who is the Love of God. And once its whiteness has blessed the soul, she is nomore barren. And as it abides in the soul so is her fruit bearing. “For without me ye can do nothing.”
Now the Christ substance thus poured forth is both the Bread & the Wine. For it is the living or spiritual manner, diffuse, & passing as a fine rain through the soul that is feed thereon. And it is the fine fruit of the true vine, even the wine of God, ever new & sweet to the soul, for it gladdens her with the joy of the undying Strength. And it is the only food to satisfy the human need. For only by a spiritual substance can the spiritual or deathless soul be fed. And sure as the individual souls of this body of service are so nourished so surely are the needy ones incarnate or decarnate who never fail to be drawn into such a service by the Light of the Love generated into the mediatorial body, nourished. And sure as the souls of the mediatorial body drink of the wine of Life so surely do these weary & thristy ones drink of the Cup of Blessing, & to them it is the very wine of salvation. For the chalice being formed of the manifold elements of all souls present is a whole vessel, a unified body of human power, perfect in its channelhood in which the lowliest soul will find a common substance & through which it may therefore come unto the feast. And herein is found the raison d`etre of all such gatherings in fellowship. For our needy brother or sister who sits by us becomes a partaker of the common good, & it is blessed or healed in body or soul according to the power & faith generated in the unified body of service. And this giving & receiving of a good is according to the great social law of the solidarity of the human kind. And its fulfilment is unfailing. For in it works the very Life of the Holy One of mankind.
Now this is the mystery of the Holy Grail.

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by Christian Rozencrux on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 5:05am ·
But anyone who has followed with attention the visions of mary~which have been increasing in number over the last decades , and has taken their psycological significance into account , might have kn…own what was brewing. The fact , especially , that it was largely children who had the visions might have given pause for thought, for in such cases the collective unconscious is always at work. Incidentally , the pope himself is rumoured to have had several visions of the mother of god on the occasion of the declaration. One could have known for a long time that there was a deeplonging in the masses for an intercessor and mediatrix who would at last take her place alongside the holy trinity and be recieved as the queen of heaven and bride at the heavenly court~~For more than a thousand years it had been taken for granted that the mother of god dwelt there , and we know from the ol testament that sophia was with god before the creation.From the ancient egyptian theology of the divine pharohs we know that god wants to become man by means of a human mother , and it was recognized even in prehistoric times that the primordial divine being is both male and female. But such a truth evenuates in time only when it is solemnly proclaimed or rediscovered. It is psycologically significant for our day that in the year 1950 the heavenly bride was united with the bridegroom. In order to interpret this event , one has to consider not only the arguments adduced by the papal bull , but the prefigurations in the apocoliptic marriage of the lamb and in the ol testament anamnesis of sophia.

The nuptuial union in the thalmus {bridal chamber} signifies the heiros gamos , and this in turn is the first step towards the incarnation, towards the birth of the savior who , since antiquity, was thought of as the filuis solis et lunae , the filius sapientia , and the equivalent of Christ.

When therefore , a longing for the exaltation of the mother of god passes through the people , this tendency, if thought to its logical conclusion , means the desire for the birth of a saviour , a peace maker, a mediator pacem faciens inter inimicos. ALTHOUGH HE IS ALREADY BORN IN THE PLEROMA , HIS BIRTH IN TIME CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED WHEN IT IS PERCIEVED , RECOGNIZED , AND DECLARED BY THE PEOPLE.

nature shows teaches us much a mother of god? queen of heaven consort of christ the magdala—yes like in nature nothing comes about or into exsistence except thru female woman–yes women have a much greater power than man–but it takes both… the RA united with the MA when this occurs the power is manifest or the wills come together things happen—the sun the moon combined for balance~without the moon (reflection of unseen sun) nothing happens just like without the sun nothing lives—without the moon nothing can be born nothing can manifest—it will take the ladies for everything to begin the spirit which brings forth pure hearts love and peace so until u understand the significance how nature works the RAMA will not work~so mote it be

ive run into great resistance my whole life when speaking claiming son of god in flesh–the world is ending ~we must prepare–please understand your right state of mind etc etc—my will is to help people find their right state of mind~ to …spread the light love peace that there is eternal life and way more than just this realm to manifest there is an above realm! to help make this place better a paradise heaven on earth>aswell to prepare for worse case scenerio as in building a place of safety–these 2 wills efforts am striving to accomplish–can you think of any better will effort one can be doing here at present??if the son of god is the way truth life how could he not want to manifest to give you eternal bliss a comfort that everything will be alright that we truely are living in heaven???? Please watch the Boggy Creek Monster & follow it with notes which can be found in my notes below this one with link to watch~aswell there will be on my website other movies & more explanation of what have encountered & experienced thru the yrs that will soon be published~let us continue

would you expect him to stay silent?and if he never said who he was how would anyone ever know him?? as is said above the women of this world are the KEY!! the combining of the 2 powers the chemical wedding must occur–without the queen the king is nothing and nothing can manifest nobody can understand nobody will do anything–ive known this for 25 yrs & still in great awe of wondering who when where & how can there not be an anxious longing a seeking with all efforts–time is ticking things are close??& as jung says~ALTHOUGH HE IS ALREADY BORN IN THE PLEROMA , HIS BIRTH IN TIME CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED WHEN IT IS PERCIEVED , RECOGNIZED , AND DECLARED BY THE PEOPLE. This takes WOMEN & MEN perceiving recognizing declaring TO MAKE THINGS WORK COME TO PASS~is this in tune with natures law with gods plan makes a hella lot of sense to me and sure seems that is the way things are SO MOTE IT BE sending much love light life to ALL RLDIII

‎20.Jude 1:4
For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sov…ereign and Lord.
Jude 1:3-5 (in Context) Jude 1 (Whole Chapter)
21.Matthew 11:27
“All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.
Matthew 11:26-28 (in Context) Matthew 11 (Whole Chapter)
22.1 John 2:23
No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
1 John 2:22-24 (in Context) 1 John 2 (Whole Chapter)
23.Hebrews 1:5
[ The Son Superior to Angels ] For to which of the angels did God ever say, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father” ? Or again, “I will be his Father, and he will be my Son” ?
Hebrews 1:4-6 (in Context) Hebrews 1 (Whole Chapter)
24.John 5:19
Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.
John 5:18-20 (in Context) John 5 (Whole Chapter)
25.Luke 10:22
“All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”
Luke 10:21-23

‎1john ch 2:But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.[e] 21 I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth. 22 Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son. 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.

now does it really matter who my name is even though have told u many times~doesnt it matter what my will is? is that not what god judges everyone by?what you do??is that not how anyone in observance judges one by their actions?ive given my will above and am seeking for advice on a better will or for sure help in accomplishing what am trying to do~can you help?? if you are trying to turn people against me~ going against my will~ talking behind my back that im doing bad work or not in my right state of mind~ please stop and think about what you are doing!! god the father sees records everything thank goodness to those who pass by DO GOOD

Am only trying to manifest part am here for and the mission will am stating NEEDING SO MUCH HELP FOR THE ACCOMPLISHING–as said above in scripture cant do it alone{& AM NEEDING THE START M2M & your help & support very much so} anyone with common sense would know it will take many to take upon their shoulders the yoke WOMEN&MEN their wills to want a paradise with humanity in their right state of minds~ without threat of bein killed innocently by some idiot &aswell to want to be safe;survive no matter what takes place< especially keeping our kids safe;our family and loved ones^ these wills should be at forefront of everyones minds & efforts to spread ;perform;& work at with all our hearts until is accomplished–it is not easy as jimmy knew many think light is but a joke and as he also knew the wind would whisper mary-cry mary & scream mary as it so is~am sincerely seeking those hands who are not scard to dig in & KNOW=greatwork & what its accomplishment means~ the grand architects plan& its fulfillment~to be in tune with such~the know with serious efforts to geterdone~THIS IS WHAT IT WILL TAKE~pray the prayer & more so let us communicate plan join forces~ kingdom come thy will be done!godspeed IT I pray in christs name RLDIII

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by Christian Rozencrux on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 4:43pm ·
Does it take perceiving, believing to enter such?A knock knock knockin on heavens door?Can we enter?Transcend thru such, truely experiencing Heaven on earth now in this moment?
C.G Jung writes in his book Aion{Which is much about Christ{The Fish~Echina who roams the oceans~a very elusive rare find} He states:
“In the whole IDES there is but one man, the same is extracted by the Illiastrum and is the protoplast.”
IDES OR IDEUS is “”THE GATE THROUGH WHICH ALL CREATED THINGS HAVE PROCEEDED””,the globule or materia from which man was created. The ancient teachings about the Anthropos or Primordial Man asset that God , or the world~~creating~ principle , was made manifest in the form of a “”FIRST CREATED”” {protoplastus} man , usually of cosmic size.
In India he is Prajapati or Purusha , who is also “the size of a thumb” and dwells in the heart of every man , like the Illiaster of Paracelsus. In Persia he is Gayomart , {gayoOmaretan , mortal life} , a youth of dazzlin whiteness , as is also said of the Alchemical Mercurius.
In the Zohar he is Metatron , who was created together with Light. He is the Celestial Man whom we meet in the visions of Daniel , Ezra , Enoch , and also in Philo Judaeus.
He is one of the principle figures in Gnosticism , where , as always , he is connected with the question of CREATION and REDEMPTION.
AE WAITES Book:The Hermetic Muesuem states:
On the sixth day of the first year of the world , that is to say , on the 15th day of march , God created , the first man Adam , of red earth , in a field near Damascus , with a beautiful body , and after his own image. When Adam was created , he stood naked before the Lord , and with outstretched hands rendered thanks to him , saying : O Lord , Thy hands have shaped me:: now remember , I Pray Thee , the work of Thy hands , which thou has clothed with flesh , and strenghtened with bones , and grant me life and loving kindness. So the Lord endowed Adam with great wisdom , and such marvelous insight that he immediately , without the help of any teacher~~simply by virtue of his original righteousness~~had a perfect knowledge of the seven liberal arts , and of all animals , plants , stones , metals , and minerals. Nay , what is more , he had perfect understanding of the holy trinity , and of the coming of Christ in the flesh.
Moreover , Adam was the Lord , King , and ruler of All creatures which , at the Divine bidding , were brought to him by the Angel to receive their names. Thus All creatures acknowledged Adam as their Lord , seeing that it was He to whom the properties and virtues of All things were to be made known. Now the wisdom , and knowledge of All things , which Adam had recieved , enabled him to observe the properties , the orgin , and end of All things.
He noted the division and destruction , the birth and decay of physical substances. He saw that they derive their orgin from the dry and moist elements , and that they are again transmuted into the dry and the moist. Of All these things Adam took notice , and especially of that which is called the FIRST MATTER.
For He who knows how things are transmuted into their first matter , has no need to ask any questions. It was that which exsisted before , a new earth , fire , water , air , sun , moon , stars , in short , a new world. As in the beginning All things were created new , so there is a kind of new creation out of the first substance in our Art.
Now although God warned him not to reveal this first substance~~~viz,; the moistened and the dry elements~~yet he permitted him to impart the knowledge to his son Seth. Abel discovered the Art for himself , by the wisdom which God had given him , and inscribed an account of it on beechen tablets.
He was also the first to discover the Art of writing::further , he foretold the destruction of the world by the flood , and wrote All these things on wooden tablets , and hid them in a pillar of stone , which was found , long afterwards by the children of Isreal , thus you see that our Art was a secret from the beginning , and a secret it will remain to the end of the world.
For this reason it is necessary carefully to consider All that is said about it , and especially the words of the Lord to Adam :: for they exhibit in a succinct form the secret of the whole ART.

C.G. Jung states again in Alchemical Studies much about the Ides & Christ The True Door to Above:
This Logos or quarternity is “the cup from which the king , drinking , draws his omens ,” or the beaker of Anacreon. The cup leads Hippolytus on to the wine miracle at cana , which , he says “”showed forth the kingdom of heaven””;;for the kingdom of heaven lies within us , like the wine in the cup.
Futher parallels of the cup are the ithyphallic Gods of Samothrace and the Kyllenic Hermes , who signiyfy the original man as well as the spiritual man who is reborn. This last is “” in every respect consubstantial “” with the original man symbolized by Hermes. For this reason , says Hippolytus , Christ said that one must eat of his flesh and drink of his blood , for he was conscious of the individual nature of each of his disciples , and also of the need of each “”to come to his own special nature.””
Another synonym is Korybas , who was descended of the crown of the head and from the unformed brain like the eurphrates from eden , and permeates All things. His image exsists ~~~unrecognized~~””in earthly form””. He is the God who dwells in the flood. So far as Korybas is concerned , the parallel between him and the Protanthropos is explained by the ancient view that the corybants were the original men. The name “”Korybas”” does not denote a particular personality , but rather the anonymous member of a collectivity , such as the curetes , Cabira , Dactyls , etc….
Etymologically , it has been brought into connection with {Crown of the Head} , though this is not certain. Korybas seems in our text to be the name of a single synonymous with the Cabiri of samothrace. With reference to this Hermes the text says :: “”Him the Thracians…~~~… call Korybas.”” I have suggested in an earlier publication that this unusual single personality may perhaps be a product of contamination with Korybas , known to us from the Dionysus legend , because he to seems to have been a PHALLIC BEING , as we learn from a scholium to Lucian`s De dea Syria.
From the centre of the “”Perfect Man”” flows the ocean {where we have said , the Gods dwell}. The “”Perfect”” man is , as Jesus says , the “”TRUE DOOR,”” THROUGH WHICH THE PERFECT MAN must go through to be reborn again. Here the problem of how to translate “”telios”” becomes crucial ; for~~we must ask~~why should anyone who is “”perfect”” need renewal through rebirth??? One can only conclude that the perfect man was not so perfected that no futher improvement was possible. We encounter a similar difficulty in Philippians 3:12 where Paul says: “”Not that I ……am already perfect”””. But three verses further on he writes : “”Let us then , as many as are perfect be of this mind””. The gnostic use of__________ obviously agrees with Paul`s.
The word has only an approximate meaning and amounts to much the same thing as ___________ `”SPIRITUAL”, which is not connected with any conception of a definite degree of perfection of spirituality. The word “”perfect”” gives the sense of the greek___________ correctly only when it refers to God. But when it applies to a man , who in addition is in need of rebirth , it can at most , mean “”WHOLE”” or “”COMPLETE””, especially if , as our text says , the complete man cannot even be saved unless he passes through this door
The father of the “”perfectus”” is the higher man or Protanthropos , who is “”not clearly formed”” and “”without qualities””. Hippolytus goes on to say that he is called PAPA {ATTIS} by the Phrygians. He is a bringer of peace and quells “”the war of the elements”” in the human body , a staement we meet again word for word in medieval alchemy , where the filius philosphorum “”makes peace between enemies or the elements””.
This “”PAPA”” Is also called _________{cadaver}, because he is buried in the body like a mummy in a tomb. A similar idea is found in Paracelsus ; his treatise De vita longa opens with the words::””Life verily , is naught but a kind of embalmed mummy , which preserves the mortal body from the mortal worms””.The body lives only from the “”MUMIA””, Through which the “”peregrinus microcosmus,”” the wandering microcosm {corresponding to the macrocosm}, rules the physical body. His synonyms are the Adech , Archeus , Protothoma , Ides , Idechtrum , etc ..
He is the “”Protaplast”” {the first created}, and , as , Ides , “”the door which all created things have come.””
{THE “”TRUE DOOR”” ABOVE!!!} The mumia is born together with the body and sustains it , though not to the degree that the “”supercelestial Mumia”” does. The latter would correspond to the higher Adam of the nassenes. Of the Ideus or Ides Paracelsus says that in it “””there is but one man~~~~ãnd he is the Protoplast.””
The Paracelsian Mumia therefore corresponds in every way to the original man , who forms the microcosm in the mortal man and , as such , shares all the powers of the macrocosm. Since it is often a question of cabalistic influences in Paracelsus , it may not be superflous in this connection to recall the figure of the cabalistic Metatron. In the Zohar the Messiah is described as the “”central column””{of the sephiroth system}, and of this column it is said :: “”The column of the centre is Metatron , whose name is like that of the Lord””. “”It is created and constituted to be in his image and likeness , and it includes all gradations from Above to Below and from Below to Above , and binds {them} together in the centre.””
The dead man , Hippolytus continues , will rise again by passing through the “””DOOR TO HEAVEN””. Jacob saw the gate of Heaven on his way to Mesopotamia , “”but they say Mesopatamia is the stream of the great ocean that flows from the midst of the perfect man.”” This is the Gate of Heaven of which Jacob said:: “”HOW TERRIBLE IS THIS PLACE!!!””
“”This is no other than the house of God , and the Gate of Heaven.””
The stream that flows out of the original man {{THE GATE OF HEAVEN}} Is interpreted here as the flood tide of oceanus , which , as we have seen , generates the Gods. The passage quoted by Hippolytus probally refers to john 7:38 or to an apoccryphal source common to both. The passage in John —-“”He who believes in Me ,as the scripture has said , out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water””—refers to a non biblical source , which , however , seemed scriptual to the author. Who ever drinks of this water , in him it shall be a fountain of water springing up into eternal life , says Origen.
This water is the “”higher”” water , the aqua doctrinae , the rivers from the belly of Christ , and the divine life as contrasted with the “”Lower”” water , the aqua abyssi , where the darkness are , and where dwell the Prince of this world and the decieving dragon and his angels. The river of water is the “”SAVIOR”” Himself. Christ is the river that pours into the world through the four gospels , like the rivers of Paradise.
I have purposedly cited the ecclesiastical allegories in greater detail here , so that the reader can see how saturated Gnostic symbolism is in the language of the church , and how , on the other hand , particularly in Origen , the liveliness of his amplications and interpretations has much in common with Gnostic views.
Thus , to him as to many of his contemporaries and sucessors , the idea of the cosmic correspondance of the “”SPIRITUAL INNER MAN”” was something quite familar :: in his first homily on Genesis he says that God first created Heaven , the whole spiritual substance , and that the counterpart of this is “”OUR MIND”” which is itself a spirit , that is , it is our spiritual inner man or lady which sees and knows God.””
These examples of christian parallels to the partly pagan views of the Gnostics may suffice to give the reader a picture of the mentality of the first two centuries of our era , and to show how closely the religious teachings of that age were connected with psychic facts.
.~~~~~~~~~Best Wishes for Peace Profound Drink & LIVE MUCH LOVE LIGHT LIFE Rick Dickinson
: the actual substantial presence and combination of the body and blood of Christ with the eucharistic bread and wine according to a teaching associated with Martin Luther

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mysterium coinjuntionis paradoxa cg jung
by Christian Rozencrux on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 11:52am ·
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The tremendous role which the opposites and their union play in alchemy helps us to understand why the alchemists were so fond of paradoxes. In order to attain this union, they tried not only to visualize the opposites together but to express them in the same breath. Characteristically, the paradoxes cluster most thickly round the arcane substance, which was belived to contain the opposites in uncombined form as the prima materia, and amalgamate them as the lapis Philosophorum. Thus the lapis is called on the one hand base, cheap, immature, volatile, and on the other hand precious, perfect, and solid; or the prima materia is base and noble, or precious and parvi momenti (of little moment). The materia is visible to all eyes, the whole world sees it, touches it, and yet no one knows it. “This stone therefore is no stone,” says the Turba, “that thing is cheap and costly, dark, hidden, and known to everyone, having one name and many names.” The stone is “thousand-named” like the gods of the mystery religions, the arcane subtance is “One and All” . In the treatise of Komarios, where “the philosopher Komarios teaches the Philosophy to Cleopatra,” it is said: “He showed with his hand the unity of the whole.” Pelagios asks: “Why speak ye of the manifold matter? The subtance of the natural things is one, and of one nature that which conquers all.”

Further paradoxes: “I am black of the white and the red of the white and the yellow of the red”; or “The principle of the art is the raven, who flies without wings in the blackness of night and in the brightness of day.” The stone is “cold and moist in its manifest part, and in its hidden parts is hot and dry.” “In lead is the dead life,” or “Burn in water and wash in fire.” The “Allegoriae sapientum” speak of two figures, one of which is “white and lacking a shadow, the other red and lacking the redness.” A quotation from “Socrates” runs: “Seek the coldness of the moon and ye shall find the heat of the sun.” The opus is said to be “a running without running, moving without motion.” “Make mercury with mercury.” The philosophical tree has its root in the air (this is probably a reference to the tree of Sefiroth). That paradox and ambivalence are the keynotes of the whole work is shown by The Chymical Wedding. Over the main portal of the castle two words are written: “Congratulor, Condoleo.”

The paradoxical qualities of Mercurius have already been discused in a separate study. As Mercurius is the principal name for the arcane substance, he deserves mention here as the paradox par excellence. What is said of him is obviously true of the lapis, which is merely another synonym for the “thousand-named” arcane substance. As the “Tractatus aureus de Lapide” says: “Our matter has as many names as there are things in the world.” The arcane substance is also synonymous with the Monad and the Son of Man mentioned in Hippolytus:
Monoïmos… Thinks that there is some such Man os whom the poet speak os Oceanus, when he says: Oceanus, origin of gods and origin of men. Putting this into others words, he says that the Man is all, the sourse of the universe, unbegotten, incorruptible, everlasting; and that there is a Son of the aforesaid Man, who is begotten and capable of suffering, and whose birth is outside time, neither willed nor predetermined… This Man is a single Monad, uncompounded and invisible, yet compounded and divisible; loving and at peace with all things yet warring with all things and at war with itself in all things; unlike and like itself, as it were a musical harmony containing all things; … Showing forth all hings and giving birth to all things. It is its own mother, its own father, the two immortal names. The emblem of the whole man, says Monoïmos, is the jot or tittle. This one tittle is the uncompounded, simple, unmixed Monad, having its composition from nothing whatsoever, yet composed of many forms of many parts. That single, undivided jot is the many-faced, thousand-eyed and thousand-named jot of the iota. This is the emblem of that perfect and invisible Man…The Son of the Man is the one iota, the one jot following from on high, full and filling all things, containing in himself everything that is in the Man, the Father of the Son of the Man.

The alchemists seem to have visualized their lapis or prima materia in a similar manner. At any rate they were able to cap the paradoxes of Monoïmos. Thus they said of Mercurius: “This spirit is generates from the substances of the sea and calls himself moist, dry, and fiery,” in close agreement with the invocation to Hermes in the magic papyrus entitled “The Secret Inscription,” where Hermes is addressed as a “damp-fiery-cold spirit”.

The mystery of smallest written sign, the point, is also known to alchemy. The point is the symbol of a mysterious creative centre in nature. The author of the “Novum lumen” admonishes his reader:

But you dear reader, you will have above all to consider the point in nature… and you need nothing else, but take care lest you seek that point in the vulgar metals, where it is not. For these metals, the common gold more especially, are dead. But our metals are alive, they have a spirit, and they are the ones you must take. For know that fire is the life of the metals.

The point is identical with the prima materia of the metals, which is a “fatty water” (aqua pinguis), the latter being a product of the moist and the hot.

Johon Dee (1527-1607) speculates as follow: “It is not unreasonable to suppose, that by the four straight lines which run in opposite directions from a single, individual point, the mystery of the four elements is indicated.” According to him, the quaternity consists of four straight lines meeting in a right angle. “Things and beings have their first origin in the point and the monad.” The centre of nature is “the point originated by God,” the “sun-point” in the egg. This, a commentary on the Turba says, is the “germ of the egg in the yolk.” Out of this little point, says Dorn in his “Physica Genesis,” the wisdom of God made with the creative Word the “huge machine” of the world. The consilium coniugii” remarks that the point is the chick (pullus). Mylius adds that this is the bird of Hermes, or the spirit Mercurius. The same author places the soul in the “midpoint of the heart” together with the spirit, which he compares with the angel who was “infused with the soul at this point” (i.e., in the womb). Paracelsus says that the “anima iliastri” dwells in the fire in the heart. It is “incapable of suffering” whereas the “anima cagastris” is capable of suffering and is located in the water of the perocardium. Just as earth corresponds to the triangle and water to the line, so fire corresponds to the point. Democritus stresses that fire consists of fiery globules.” Light, too, has this point is on the one hand the world´s centre, “the salt-point in the midst of the great fabric of the whole world,” as Khunrath calls it (salt = Sapientia). Yet it is “not only the bond but also the destroyer of all destructible things.” Hence this “world-egg is the ancient Saturn, the … most secret lead of the sages,” and the “ambisexual Philosophic Man of the Philosophers, the Catholick Androgyne of the Sophists,” the Rebis, etc. The most perfect form is round, because it is modelled on the point. The sun is round and so is fire, since it is composed of the “fiery globules” of Democritus. God fashioned the sphere of light round himself. “God is an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circunference is nowhere.” The point symbolizes light and fire, also the Godhead in so far as light is an “image of God”or an “exemplar of the Deity.” This spherical light modelled on the point is also the shining or illuminating body” that dwells in the heart of man. The light of nature is the “radical moisture” (humidum radicale) which as “balsam,” works from the heart, like the sun in the macrocosm and, we must conclude, like God in the “supracelestial world.” Thus does Steeb describe the “second God” in man. The same author derives the gold from the dew or supracelestial balsam sinking into the earth. Here he is probably referring to the older formulations of Maier, where the sun generates the gold in the earth. Hence the gold, as Maier says, obtains a “simplicity” approaching that of the circle (symbol of eternity) and the invisible point. The gold has a circular form.” This is the line which runs back upon itself, like the smake that with its head bites its own tail, wherein that supreme and eternal painter and potter, God, may rightly be discerned.” The gold is a “twice-bisected circle,” i.e., one divided into four quadrants and therefore a quaternity, a division made by nature “that contraries may be bound together by contraries.” It can therefore, he says, be compared to the “sacred city,” Jerusalem (cf. Revelation 21:1 off). It is “a golden castle engirt with a triple wall,” “a visible image of eternity.” Though gold be mute so far as sound or voice is concerned, yet by virtue of it essence it proclaims and everywhere bears witness to God.” And just a God is “one in essence,” so the gold is “one homogeneous substance.” For Dorn the unity of God, the “unarius,” is the “centre of the ternarius,” the latter corresponding to the circle drawn round the centre. The point as the centre of the quaternario of the elements is the place where Mercurius “digest and perfects.”
(Fragment of Mysterium Coniunctio)

The dechristianization of our world, the Luciferian development of science and Technology, and the frightfull material and moral destruction left behind By the second World War have been compared more than once with the eschatological events foretold in the New Testament. These, as we know, are concerned with the coming of the Antichrist: “This is a Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son.”, “Every spirits that dissolveth Jesus… is Antichrist…of whom you have heard that he cometh. “ The Apocalypse is full of expectations of terribles things that will take place at the end of time, before the marriage of the Lamb. This shows plainly that the anima christiana has a sure knowledge not only of the existence of an adversary but also of his future usurpation of power.

Why- my reader will ask –do I discourse here upon Christ abd his adversary, the Antichrist? Our discourse necessarily brings us to Christ, because he is the still living myth of our culture. He is our culture hero, who regardless of his historical existence, embodies the myth of the divine Primordial Man, the mystic Adam. It is he who occupies the centre of the Christian mandala, who is the Lord of the Tetramorph, i.e., the four symbols of the evanngelists, which are like the four columns of his great throne. He is in us and we in him. His Kingdom is the pearl of great price, the treasure buried in the field, the grain of mustard seed which will become a great tree, and the heavenly city. As Christ is in us, so also is his heavenly kingdom.

These few. Familiar reference should be sufficient to make the psycologhical position of the Christ symbol quite clear. Christ exemplifies the archetype of the self. He represent a totality of a divine or heavenly kind, a glorified man, a Son of God sinemacula peccati, unspotted by sin. As Adam secundus he corresponds to the first Adam before the fall, when the latter was still a pure image of God, of which Tertullian (d.222) says: “And This therefore is to be considerer as the image of God in man, that the human spirits has the same motions and sences as God has, Thought not in the same way as God has them. “Origen (185-254) is very much more explicit. The imago Dei imprinted on the soul, not on the body, is an image, “for my soul is not directly the image of God, but is made after the likeness of the former image.

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mysterium coinjuntionis cg jung
by Christian Rozencrux on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 10:51am ·
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(Fragment of Mysterium Coniunctio)

The central point A, the origin and goal, the “Ocean or great sea,” is also called a circulus exiguus very small circle, and a mediator making peace between the enemies or elements, that they may love one another in a meet embrace”. This little inner circle corresponds to the Mercurial Fountain in the Rosarium, which i have described in my “Psychology of the transference”. The text call it “the more spiritual perfect , and nobler mercurius,” the true arcane substance, a “spirits”, and goes on:

For the spirit alone penetrates all things, even the most solid bedies. Thus the catholicity of religion., or of the true Church, consist not in a visible and bodily gathering together of men, but in the invisible, spiritual concord and harmony of those who believe devoutly and truly in the one Jesus Christ. Whoever attaches himself to a particular church outside this King of Kings, who alone is the shephered of the true spiritual church, is a sectarian, a schismatic, and a heretic. For the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation, but is within us, as our Saviour himself says in the seventeen chapter of St. Luke. That the Ecclesia spiritualis is meant is clear from the text: “But you will ask, whre then are those true Christians, who are free from all sectarian contagion?”. They are the “neither in Samaria, but are scattered everywhere through the world, “in Turkey, in Persia, Italy, Gaul, Germant, Poland, Bohemia, Morovia, England, America, and even in the farthest India.” The author continues: “God is spirit and the truth. After these examinations and avowals I leave it to each man to judge who is of the true Church, and who not.”

From this remarkable excursus we learn, first of all that the “centre” unities the four and the seven into one. The unifying agent is the spirit Mercurius, and this singular spirit then causes the author to confess himself a member of the Ecclesia spiritualis, for the spirit is God. This religious background is already apparent in the choice of the term “Pelican” for the circular process, since this bird is a well-known allegory of Christ. The idea of Mercurio is a peacemaker, the mediator between the warrings elements and producer of unity, probably goes back to Ephesians 2: 1 3 ff.:
But now in Christ Jesus you once were far off have been brought near in the blood of Christ. For he is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law of commandments and ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of two, so making peace and might reconcile both to God in one body through the cross, thereby bringing the hostility to an end. And he came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near; for through him we both have access in one spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built upon the fundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord; in whom you are also built inti it for a dwelling place of God in the spirit. [RSV]

In elucidating the alchemical parallel we should note that the author of the scholia to the “Tractatus aureus Hermetis” prefaces his account of the union of apposites with the following remark:

Finally, there will appear in the work that ardently desired blue or cerulean colour, which does not darken or dull the eyes of the beholder by healing power of its brilliance, as when we see the splendour of the outward sun. Rather does in sharpen and strengthen them, nor does he [Mercurius] slay a man with his glance like the basilisk, but by the shedding of his own blood he calls back those who are near to death, and restores to them unimpaired their former life, like the pelican.

Mercurius is conceived as “spiritual blood,” on the analogy of the blood of Christ. In Ephesians those who are separated ”are brought near in the blood of Christ.” He makes the two one and has broken down the dividing wall “ in his flesh.” Caro (flesh) is a synonym for the prima materia and hence for Mercurius. The “one” is a “new man.” He reconciles the two”in one body,”an idea which is figuratively represented in alchemy as the two-headed hermaohrodite. The two have one spirit, in alchemy they have one soul. Further the lapis is frecuently compared to Christ as the lapis angularis (cornerstone). As we know , the temple built upon the fundation of the saint inspired in the Shephered of Hermas a vision of the great building into which human beings, streaming from the four quarters, inserted themself as living stones, melting into it “without seam.” The Church is built upon the rock that gave Peter his name (Matthew 16:18).

In addition, we learn from the scholia that the circle and the Hermetic vessel are one and the same, with the ressult that the mandala, which we find so often in the drawings of our patients, corresponds to the vessel of transformation. Consequently, the ussual quaternary structure of the mandala would coincide with the alchemists quaternario of opposites. Lastly, there is the interesting statement that an Ecclesia spiritualis above all creeds and owing allegiance solely to Christ, the Anthropos, is the real aim of the alchemists´ endeavours. Whereas teh treatise of Hermes is, comparatively speaking, very old, and in place of the Christian Anthropos mytery contains a peculiar paraphase of it, or rather, its antique parallel, the scholia cannot be dated earlier than the beginning of the seventeenth century. The author seems to have been a Paraceltist ohysician. Mercurius corresponds to the Holy Ghost as well as to the Anthropos; he is as Gerhard Dorn says, “the true hermaphroditic Adam and Microcosm”:
Our Mercurius is therefore that same [Microcosm], who contains within him the perfections, virtues, and powers of Sol [in the dual sence of sun and gold], and who goes through the streets [vicios] and houses all the planets, and in his regenerations has obtained the power of Above and Bellow, wherefore he is to be likened to their marriage, as is evident from the white and the red that are conjoined in him. The sages have affirmed in their wisdom that all creatures are to be brought to one united substance.

Accordingly Mercurius, in the crude form of the prima materia, is in very Truth the Original Man disseminated through the physical world, and in his sublimated form he is that reconstituted totality. Altogether, he is very like the redeemer of the Basilidiands, who mounts upward through the planetary spheres, conquering them or robbing them of their power. The remark that he contains the powers pf Sol reminds us of the above-mentioned passage in Abu´l-Qasim, where Hermes says that he unites the sun and the planets and causes them to be within him as a crown. This may be the origin of the designation of the lapis as the “crown of victory”. The “power of Above and Bellow”refers to that ancient authority the “Tabula smaragdina,” which is of Alexandrian origin. Beside this, our text contains allusions to the Song of Songs: “through the streets and houses of the planets” recalls Songs 3:2: “I will… go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth.” The “White and Red” of Mercurius refers to 5:10: “My beloved is white and ruddy.” He is likened to the “matrimonium” or coniunctio; that is to say ha is this marriage on account of his androgynous form.

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dont be shy hola;))) LLL PP RCK

by Christian Rozencrux on Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 1:23am ·
[Getting people to talk about themselves is never very difficult – Ed.]

“The idea of this game is that you share 25 facts about yourself, your manner, your style, your habits, your goals with 25 people. Then, you “tag” those 25 to do the same. You should include whoever tagged you, in this case me. I was tagged by two people in the last week or so and now you’re up. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know you better.

(To do this, go to the “notes” tab on your profile page, paste the instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random or very exact things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)”

1-Am aware of 5000+ names=A name is just a name~it’s the essence of the heart of our souls that counts.My birth & favorite names can be known, aswell as my essence,personality&character.Hell O ;How r u?This one goes out to the one I love~!~

2-The moon totally infatuates me~Always wondering how Venus was created to make such an intricate path in the Heavens.Am lookin for a certain Cow to sprout wings & can jump.Very anxious to see this event occur.The chemical wedding writings fascinate me.Mary Magdelene,Isis,Cybele,Athena,Queen of Heaven,Our Lady~Always on my Mind.Can words describe such essence or what she means to me?Would love to explain where she knows & understands that its beyond All words expressions & meanings for such attempt.She means everything to me.A great Divine Love~Like the fire,heat& Light from the Sun~Is eternal;never ending.

3-Have always been intrigued at Paths that Lead souls towards recognizing moreso this Divine Love—this Essence or so to speak placin us closer to a right state of mind,giving guidance to transformation & such process which attunes us with cosmic forces.By far the best path have found~ Rosecross; Bota is excellent & am very proud to be associated with Knights Templar.Alchemy,Hermetics,Cabala are very important to me.

3.14159-Pi-Ya ever noticed a sleepin beauty?Some people ya can wake up with a wink~Some take a gentle poke~Some a sprinkle of water~Some need a dunk~Some a good slap,knock on the head or even a tidal wave will not phase~***~Will give you a great solution here which came to me on Bezu Stronghold—sittin on a rectangle rock, I placed my hand over Isis star which lay in a circle, which was in a square& was told a frog would turn into a prince~Have always known this~Comments welcome””

4-My experiences in Life are so very treasured,from my birthdate{Which have heard rumors Adam was created on this date & that this is even date which hides mysterious true Door to the Above}to every breath & crumb eaten & onto the everythings & Alls;every second;All times;experiences of this so very precious lifes exsistence.Am very appreciative,thankful,in great debt of gratitude to creator for such creations;Nature.Aswell to All beins who help make these wonderous experiences more marvelous & magnificent by promoting joy,peace,Love, truth & goodness.One of these days am goin to write, possibly, a best seller,just lookin for that special someone to help who can type & help in getting this experience on paper.Look out Job,Percival,Indiana Jones,Harry Potter—WO~*~RLD

5-Like establishing stability, which is defined as:ability to be satisfied.The truth is like an egg—it hatches at the rite time~some people are close to the egg & see it; but some are so far away they cant even see a white speck, even by lookin thru the hubble!

6-66 is my favorite # since Im a 66 model.Have read all 66 chapters of Bible & of course the 66th is my favorite, to be exact Rev. 19:12~Turn 66 upside down & you have 99, the ultimate intiation #~^~

7-Have done Time & some people think Im crazy”Good Will Hunting was very intriguing movie to me & am definitely workin on solving the worlds problem that noone has ever been able to accomplish or even come close to doin %^%

8-Am no different than Blues Brothers;Am sure on a mission for God to make major changes here & have done such in other realms before & take pride in my work, which brings me bliss to see things,environments, become better & closer to a perfected state.Do like great vacations though & layin in the shade on the creek bank with my ol bluetick hound.You will possibly find me wearin cheap sunglasses.

9-Don’t claim to be from or of this World~Call me a reptilian,smelly fish headed dude,Merovingian sea creature,Alien,Boggy creek monster,that will make me happy.Owner of a Lonely heart ,YES, a lonely cry for sure from Faucke Arkansas.

9 ¾-SSHHH~Secret gate to Hawgwarts~Love tunafish & always dream of wakin up in bed full of lesbians~To square the circle&circle the square into one brings site on inside to a beautiful philosophers egg//

10-Love those hogs,although sometimes think they should just runoff cliff instead of onto field.WOOHH PIG SUUIIEE GO HOGS GO~@~Whatcha think bout the price of eggs overseas?

11-If Heaven aint a lot like Dixe~Don’t want to go~Cosmic Orgasms make me shiver””Them eggs aint worth the wear & tear on a chickens ass^*^

12-Am a full blooded countryboy, who will hopefully survive,Always warn of Copperhead RD.~The #s 1234 are sign of perfection”

13-Have had some very strange experiences on Friday 13ths to be exact Dec. 13,1985&May 13,2005, but feel no number brings more luck than 13.

14-Favorite Movies:Legend of Boggy creek monster;Stranger than Fiction;Blow Up;What the Bleep do we know;Dark Crystal;Golden Compass;Celestine Prophecy;The Fountain;Pi;Shine;The Notebook;Freedom Writers;Dead Poets Society;Contact;Armegeddon;Finishing Game;Powder;Edward Scissorhands;Untamed Heart;Beyond Borders;The painted Veil;Schindlers List;Fried Green Tomatoes;Bill&Teds Adventure;Fisherking;I am Sam;Good Will Hunting;23;Greenmile;Chocalot;Tristan&Isolde;Da Vinci Code;Bloodline Movie;National Treasure;Harry Potter;Forrest Gump;Gods must be Crazy;The Passion;August Rush;8×8 A chess sonata;The Illusionist~~Most these movies made me cry”^”

15-1+5=6 Ides of March is very sacred day in my opinion~*~

16-My spirit feels other spirits feelings very intuitively!Am a very emotional bein & as the song goes by Collective Soul named The world I know=So I walked up on high
And I stepped to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laughed at myself
As the tears roll down.
‘Cause it’s the world I know.

Ive been celibate for sometime,waiting for that special one who understands.Also value Life more than you can ever imagine since Ive been on threshold of death more than can be counted or anyone will ever be able to understand.Aswell cherish Happiness& Peace Profound,because am very well aware,this can vanish at any moment.

17-Jan. 17;another very sacred Day to me:The Oak & letter L symbolize a wonderful fountain which healing waters flow—Understanding this concept is vital key to certain transformation.A Pine on a Bluff ; 09 ; astrology , numerology, intriguing to say least …2010 HUUM

18-Im good example of a Paradox~Definition=statements which seem opposed to common sense or contradicts itself, but is perhaps True.Such as First~Last//Christ~Satan//Happy~Sad//Love~Hate//Light~Dark Bein All parts of the whole***

19-IMO there is no greater gift than a forever friend~These Connections are only thing we can leave with to carry to next realm with us~Gold@end of Rainbow nodoubts!!!Id cross the ocean for a heart of Gold&Im getting older.

20-Music means so much to me—Im so vain to think many songs are about…Vibroturgy is the psychic faculty of sensing auras of things & places & immediately becoming attuned with them.

21-Love my kids & family very much~!~Gloria In Excelsis Deo~Kisses MOM~Also have a Library of Books & Love to read—My fav. Livin author~Tracy Twyman~Favs passed on CG Jung//Fulcanelli

22-Wonder who will stop the Rain?&Why fire has to be the Devils only friend?

23-Have been very connected with above powers & conscious of many matters for 23 yrs now~Movie 23 is Trippy~A Favorite sayin of mine~Look at the shitter on that critter””

24-The song Don’t fear the Reaper carries a good message~Opinions are like asses—everyone has one//

25-Ive said to much/Havnt said enough~Thought I saw you sing,thought I saw you cry~Am losing my religion but still hold Melchizedek priesthood~Can you believe they put a man on the moon~The diamonds in the dung~Wonderin can you help me on certain circumstances??Nothing else matters~or is it all just an illusion to you~your thought up T~RICK

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