Invitation to the Feast of the Holy Grail
by Christian Rozencrux on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 11:10am ·
Come, let us break the Bread of Life in holy love together. Let us drink of the new wine of joy, the ever young life of our ageless Christ. Let us pass the cup of blessing unto one another. Let us be glad in the gladness of the salvation of God.
O Bread of Heaven, thou art the very sweetness of God to our whole being. O Cup of Blessing, in thee is the great joy of our life. Thee we bless with the hands of the love of our body, our soul & our mind. For thou hast filled our whole nature with the joy of God`s strength.
And ye souls, well beloved, ye little ones of the mediatorial Body of Christ, who still abide by the elements of matter, having need of their service, right heartily we invite unto you unto the feast behind the veil of senses.
For ye will yet come, in the day of your stronger vision, unto the spiritual discerning of the Body of the Lord of Life.
And unto you there will be no more need of the symbols, nor any power of illusion, nor any bonds, either in the psychic or in the material degree of life. For when your own Christ, even the Living Sun of your soul, illumines you, ye will not need the light of moon or candle.
Know this to be your sure inheritance, faithful souls, well beloved of the Holy One. And so to you again the Spirit calls:
Come now unto the feast of the Inner Light. Welcome, welcome are you in the name of the King of Joy. Freely, freely flows the wine. Fully, fully is shed the Divine Substance. Drink, drink & eat abuntantly, souls well beloved of the Mother of Life, the Nourisher, the Comforter of your days.
THE Mystery of the Holy Grail
Wheresoever & whensoever any number of purified souls, incarnate or decarnate, have come together, drawn there by the pure desire to receive & communicate good, being unifyed in the Spirit of Love, & having thus become in the very fact one soul in the will of blessing, there arises spontaneously & is formed out of the manifold elements of their individualised soul-substances a body of divine service. This in the degree of the human, is the mediatorial Body of Christ, the vessel of the service of Love, & it assumes a form that is visible to the spiritual seer who sees beyond the shadows of the phantomal into the inner realities of the degree of Life. It appears as a chalice or cup, symbol of the service of Life in all the degrees of manifestation. Its body is composed of the substance of all souls present, seen & unseen, who are in the will of blessing, & the purity & nobility of its body is that of the souls constituting it, & its efficiency to service is their efficiency. And so its power is to draw unto it both from above & below & to transmute the waters of psyche flowing therein out of the lower into the wine of the new or higher life.
For the pure soul whoever suffers for sins not its own is the cup or vessel for the mediating of the Power of Life, & it fulfills its function according to its individuality. It receives of the Life-stream of the Highest as it is shed & descends into our human degree, for it is worthy & fit for such a use. And in the long process of the transmutation of the nature elements of the soul of blameless suffering whereby it has indeed become the cup of heavenly gold, out of its heart has been pressed the wine of God`s joy for the gladdening of the heart of others, & out of its passional life-blood has been distilled the sweet drink of the children & now its substance is given as the food of the love of the Christ-Mother to the little ones.
Behold, ye who can see, & reverence in such a soul the Lamb of God who suffers for & bears away the sin of the world. Behold in its blameless & willing suffering the perpetual sacrifice of the living Christ. Behold in the transmutation of its elements of veritable transubstantiation of the body of man into the body of God, i.e., of the human soul into the divine soul who has come unto the strength of vicarious suffering.
To the seer the inflow of the power of the Highest into its body often takes the appearance of the descent of the Dove, symbol of the richness in fruit bearing & the principles of life thus being communicated.
For, according to the law of the attraction of affinities, out of the higher is drawn unto it the finer individualized essences or powers of the more fully evolved of the Body of Christ-service who can enter the soul of pure love, generated in this unified body of goodwill & service as into a congenial air.
And their sweet life is shed within this body as within a cup.
And this is the pouring forth of the fine substance of the Christ, even the shedding of His Life.
And it is manifested in the soul as the Great Peace of the Great Joy. For it is in the Christ essence & power, rich in divine fecundity. And only in virtue of it can the soul bear the fruit of blessing, & only in the fruit bearing of Christ can the soul taste of the Great Peace of the Great Joy. For she is delivered of her burden of fruit, & there is Peace. But the fruit-bearing comes before the peace. And the White Dove is the richness of the fruit-bearing Christ who is the Love of God. And once its whiteness has blessed the soul, she is nomore barren. And as it abides in the soul so is her fruit bearing. “For without me ye can do nothing.”
Now the Christ substance thus poured forth is both the Bread & the Wine. For it is the living or spiritual manner, diffuse, & passing as a fine rain through the soul that is feed thereon. And it is the fine fruit of the true vine, even the wine of God, ever new & sweet to the soul, for it gladdens her with the joy of the undying Strength. And it is the only food to satisfy the human need. For only by a spiritual substance can the spiritual or deathless soul be fed. And sure as the individual souls of this body of service are so nourished so surely are the needy ones incarnate or decarnate who never fail to be drawn into such a service by the Light of the Love generated into the mediatorial body, nourished. And sure as the souls of the mediatorial body drink of the wine of Life so surely do these weary & thristy ones drink of the Cup of Blessing, & to them it is the very wine of salvation. For the chalice being formed of the manifold elements of all souls present is a whole vessel, a unified body of human power, perfect in its channelhood in which the lowliest soul will find a common substance & through which it may therefore come unto the feast. And herein is found the raison d`etre of all such gatherings in fellowship. For our needy brother or sister who sits by us becomes a partaker of the common good, & it is blessed or healed in body or soul according to the power & faith generated in the unified body of service. And this giving & receiving of a good is according to the great social law of the solidarity of the human kind. And its fulfilment is unfailing. For in it works the very Life of the Holy One of mankind.
Now this is the mystery of the Holy Grail.


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