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Holy Grail Cup of ALL DRINK AND LIVE~!~Reality is a belief in what one perceives to be the truth! Hey you whats up??
by Christian Rozencrux on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 12:32pm ·


Let me teach you to fly~~~I am so pleased to meet you~~I hope you guess my name~~anyone?? For certain reasons I do not think it is advisable to publish my name;;chiefly because if I have to tell you the name I prefer to be called it would be obvious you had your mind set on some other way or name and even if I looked you in the eye and say I am HE ,the Cup of ALL , Lets just say, you wouldnt believe~~OH~~WELL~~HELL~~you couldnt tell!!!

I do not seek for praise , but am only anxious to assist the lovers of philosophy , truth and nature. The vain glory of fame I leave to those who are content to seem what they , in reality, are not. The facts and deductions which I have briefly here set down are transcribed from that manual ~~ experience, graciously bestowed upon me by the most high;; and my object is to enable those who have laid a sound foundation in the elementary part of this most noble art, to advance to a more satisfying fullness of knowledge. Our science is not a dream , as the vulgar crowd imagines , or the empty invention of idle men, as the foolish suppose. It is the very truth of philosophy itself , which the voice of conscience and of Love bid me conceal no longer.

I propose to set forth what I have to say in as simple and most straightforward way as possible, for i am no adept in the art of multiplying words ;; nor do I think that exuberance of language tends to clearness;; on the contrary ,, I am convinced that it is many words that darken council. SO IT maybe==whats the point??

Let me tell you , then , that although many are engaged in the search after this Philosphers Stone , it is nevertheless found but by very few. For God never intended that it should become generally known. It is rather to be regarded as a gift which he reserves for those favored few, who love the truth , and hate falsehood, who study our art earnestly by day and by night, and whose hearts are set upon God with an unfeigned affection.

Prophets have awaited the time when the secrets of the holy Christ Light will be released and the primordial powers of the Grail will rise to fulfill its Destiny.

The Holy Grail is the focal point of the sacrifice of the Mass , and also the mystery of the Holy Communion in which Jesus` body is offered in the form of bread and the communal wine , the “Blood of Life”.

In this dimension the Holy Grail is the receptacle used by jesus to perform the Eucharist at the Last Supper when He pours wine for the disciples to drink, saying , “This is My Blood”.

“”Whoso eateth my flesh and drink my Blood has Eternal Life.””

The Key to elucidating these teachings concerning the Eucharist is to remember that the bread and wine used at the last supper are called “THE ELEMENTS”.

This quest for the Grail is the quest to get our DNA to ring , sing , or vibrate a certain way. A right mode of thinking if you will. This creates a LOVE Song in the Blood, A San Grail or Song Grail , tuning us to the Key of Life or the tone of Imortality.

As the key of Life , the Grail offers a way to transform our Blood to make a connection to the energy of Higher {HEAVENLY} Realms which promise accelarated evolution and the Transformation OF BODY AND SOUL. This translates into immense personal spiritual power, including the ability to restore the Life Force to the dead.

These secrets come to light with this alchemical process for controlling the elements which activate the hidden power of the human body bringing it into a new reality~~cosmic conscience if you will. By strict definition the Holy Grail is a Philosopher`s or Alchemist`s Stone.

This potent catalyst can cure all Ills, grant Eternal Youth and can turn one element into another. As believed by the Alchemists , the Grail`s esoteric secrets , symbolized by the H , and the Christ Light halo surrounding Jesus` head , are a formative power that enable one to create souls and to transmute the elements………………………………………

This process can ingnite long dormant capabilities revealed by a Christ Light , THE ORIGINAL LIGHT/WISDOM of spiritual consciousness that transforms a Homo Sapien into a new type of being::”HOMO CHRISTOS.”

Understanding this aspect of the secrets of the Grail Stone provides a cornucopia of benefits including the ability to transmute matter, as for example Lead into Gold, and to control nature,including transforming human beings into shining higher forms , with a bright golden fleece and wings to fly.

THIS IS OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We intend to make effective the hidden forces in nature , to release natures light which has become deeply buried beneath the dross resulting from the curse, and thereby to light within every personage a torch by whose light they will be able better to recognize the hidden God and thereby become more closely united with the original source of Light.

The work of the Alchemist is everywhere based on the same concept::To seek the truth from reason and experience with the intent to show proof when found, There is always a Heirarchy of matter , a hidden perfection in nature , and the {PURE} ~waiting~ to be released by the [IMPURE]..

A celestial influence descends from above , by the decree and ordinance of God , and mingles with the astral properties or stars in HU MAN ,which can be described as the completely healed human being who has burned away all the dross of their lower being and is free to fly as the bee , butterfly , phoeniex or perfected personage with wings. This brings to pass a most intent cosmic felt orgasm.

As we experience our star immersed in a galaxy of others spinning endlessly through the universe , this brings rapture exceeding any pleasure , joy , ecstasy , or bliss that can be experienced or imagined. This produces a prolonged and very intense bliss that when experienced is just that truth known, what words cant describe. Individuality dissolves into the primordial infinite joy.

There is a complete loss of the condition of the skin bound body-mind. There is no “I” with LOVER or “I” with Galaxy, but rather , only undifferentiated unity and consciousness as all that.

We become the unifier or peacemaker seeking to unite all traditions in hopes of recovering the truth. Today this truth might be labeled “Grail or Christ Consciousness”. By observing the cup of All we understand the significance of drinking the wine, transforming ourselves into such a Stone.

If we consider that our Sun in our solar system is the source of all life:: energy and matter , then it is in short , the philosophers stone of our solar system.

Many medieval Alchemists identified the Stone as Christ himself , and from modern practioners of all faiths , this Body of Light is the Ultimate Golden Treasure. I and my father are One and unless a man is born both of water and fire , he can not enter into this hidden kingdom of God.

Its abode is neither the conscious nor the unconscious , which already exsists , but an imaginal realm connected to the archetypal dimension in which the individual soul connects to the world soul or vertical axis of reality. This is the middle ground which exsists between the stars above and the stars within.

By differentiating this middle ground , by creating this imaginal dimension in which to survive , one connects to nature and the cosmos , both the BELOW and the ABOVE. Or as one alchemist renaissance alchemist put it: “You break thru space , fly to Heaven in broad daylight , and shed the flesh-and-bone bag , which is now as useless as the alchemical workshop and vessels once that elixir has been perfdected””.

The right understanding of an alchemist is by the gift of God , or by the ocular demenstration of a teacher , and can be attained only by diligent , humble search , and prayerful dependence on the giver of all good things;; now , God rejects those who hate him , and scorn knowledge. In conclusion , I would earnestly ask the sons and daughters of knowledge to accept this writing in the spirit in which it was created;; and when the HIDDEN has become MANIFEST , and the inner gates of secret knowledge are flung open , not to reveal this mystery to any unworthy person ;; also to remember your duty towards those suffering and distressed neighbors ,, to avoid any ostentatious display of your power , and above all , render to God , the three in one , sincere and grateful thanks with your lips , in the silence of your hearts , and by refraining from any abuse of the Gift.
Atlantis is rising , The New Jerusalem can be seen , the stone that was rejected God placed in one spot. Let us build this “Church of The First Born” Thy Kingdom come Thy will be Done , on earth as it is in heaven.


King Artur came to his Lot and placed his hand on the round table almost as lifting on high.
The knights kneeled to attention.
A druid was called who drew a mysterious circle in space surrounding himself in nature and the cats hair stood on end then the deluge washed away all trace.


And a small still voice said
Attaining the Rose through the Cross,
Attaining the Cross through the Rose,
“”In this way, ornated with precious Stones , He will resurge”.

Not to Us , O LORD , not to Us but to your name be the glory , because of your LOVE and FAITHFULNESS.

And i Saw as He shook his head and said WHOM DOES THY HOLY GRAIL SERVE??

And All looked up with great awe and silence shook even the open spaces~~~~~~AND OUR VOICES BEGAN TO BE HEARD!


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Atom O`Spark {~}Wave When Lucifer and the trinity began to war with each other, those who did not take sides, worthy, noble angels, had to descend to earth to that stone which is forever incorruptible.I do not know whether God forgave them or damned them in the end:if it was his due he took them back.Since that time the stone has been in the care of those whom God appointed to it and to whom he sent his angel.This, Sir is how matters stand regarding the Grail. LAPSIT EXILLIS "The candidate must renounce his personality in order to devote himself to a higher moral apostate." The king IS Shepherd and pastor at the same time.Sometimes he dispatches some brilliant ambassodor to his vassel in power, his factotum, one who has the felicity of being subject to death. O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V. D.to 3rd M. "Out your Own Sweet Vale, Alicia Vanisheth Vanity Shepards of Arcadia `Twixt Deity and Man thou Shepherdeth the Way" ...open your mind please very important--what do you think christkings activities consist of?do you want to play part?possibly predestined??greatwork is connecting--gold at end of rainbow!finding holy of holies if we havnt already~making money to fund our work and building places of safety!!aswell spiritual transformation maxmus for myself and others!! History is a gallery where we see very few originals and many copies. When originals no longer exsist, the last copy is the original Interests: accomplishing above matters!!finding the queen{Thou are the most vivid image of the true sun, amongst the myriads of stars that are before God, thou shinest forth Gloriously in Heaven by thy virginal purity}{She is the forethought of ALL, Her light is like his light.This was the first thought, his image.Together this now was the source of the ALL.It is the unbegotten virginal power which is source.}date for wedding of lamb?having fun exploring world and making connections!knowing i have made connection and experiencing bliss when i see the eye and soul of another change at that moment~accomplishing mission and going back home!if you are interested in these interests well u know~~dont be shy speak up!!!""Peter 1:2-6 Behold, I lay in Sion a chief cornerstone, elect, precious:and he that believth on him shall not be confounded. "According to tradition Merovingian monarchs were occult adepts, intiates in arcane sciences, practitioners in esoteric arts~worthy rivals of Merlin, their fabulous nearcontemporary.They were often called the sorcery kings or thamaturge kings.By virtue of some miraculous property in their blood, they could allegedly heal by the layin on of hands; They were said to be capable of clairvoyant or telepathic communications with beasts and with the natural world around
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